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Mini Roadshow Team 2 - 12 Hours of Yours Truly

Mini Roadshow Team 2 - 12 Hours of Yours Truly
Pre-order date: 17th & 18th Dec 2015
Actual event date: 22nd & 23rd Dec 2015

Team 2 was given a task to plan for a Mini Roadshow during the week of Christmas. We brainstormed and came up with an idea of selling pastries and gifts for the season. Our theme, “12 Hours of Yours Truly” was created with the intention of delivering sincerity from us to the customers through the event which will be held for a total of 12 hours over 2 days.

After rounds of discussion, we have decided to work with BakersWorld and Cosmostrend S.E.A.

BakersWorld is a patisserie that is dedicated to producing quality cakes and confectionery items at reasonable prices. 

Cosmostrend S.E.A., a fashion watch distributor that sell watches from various brands which includes Ice Watch, Q&Q and Appetime.

Our event comprises of two phases, the pre-ordering of BakersWorld’s log cakes and the event day.

We have decided to organised a pre-order event as our event day falls on the term break. Therefore, by having a pre-order event, it allows us to secure a portion of revenue from the event.

Pre-Order Event Preparations
1 week before the pre-order day, we were busy preparing the marketing materials for our event.

Advertising & Publicity (A&P):


Flyer - Targeting Students

Flyer - Targeting Staff

After rounds of drafting, a striking poster and flyer was produced to match our theme. We designed our flyer in the format of a letter so as to further emphasize on our theme. We wrote this letter as Santa to encourage the receivers to come down to our booth and spread the joy to their loved ones by buying a gift for them.

Pre-Order Event Day
The Pre-Order Event is held on the 17 and 18 Dec 2015, from 10.30am to 4.30pm.
We did the pre-ordering of log cakes from BakersWorld and provide samples of the log cakes for our customers. There were only 2 flavours for the log cakes, Chocolate Truffle and D24 Durian.

Log Cakes from BakersWorld

 To match with the Christmas season, we make use of our 3D christmas tree design as our banner. To further decorate the tree, we made use of the beautiful lights brought by Mr Sudesh.

  Our team members working on the final preparations for the event

  Decorating our booth and getting ready for our event.

Overall view of the booth

Pre-Event Preparation
As our sales for the pre-order event is over our expectation, we decided to prepare a handwritten card with candy cane attached for each customer that supported us to show our appreciation and gratitude towards them. 

Making of the Thank You Cards

 We also designed the price tags for the watches on the day before the event day.

Event Day
After all the preparations, we are finally ready for the event day! For both days at around 9.30am, two of our members would head down to Carpack 6 to collect the watches and log cakes from Cosmostrend and BakersWorld respectively.

After experiencing setting up the booths during the pre-order event days, we were much more efficient when setting up our booth on the actual event day.

Cosmostrend brought in watches from Appetime, Q&Q, and Ice Watch.

BakersWorld has brought in more cakes and other confectionery items.

Overall booth layout

Our team member working hard to sell the watches

BakersWorld promoting their products to the customers

Checking the display 

Due to the limited number of flyers, we give out the flyers to a group of students as this would enable us to reach out to a larger group of audience and minimise wastage.

 The flyers achieved its purpose by generating awareness for our event, as shown by our sales.

On the second day of the event, which was also the day before term break, most of the students were leaving school at 12noon. To boost the chances of people looking at our posters, we shifted the poster at the atrium to face the crowd going down the escalator. The probability of them coming back to our booth might be low, but at least we did increase the chances of them looking at our poster.

Event Challenges
We faced challenges when setting up the booth such as, we did not check the equipment on site before the event day and we had problems when connecting the POS system to the power socket. Also, we were unsure of where to place the equipment as we did not prepared a booth layout plan beforehand. This resulted in delay of setting up the booth and we were unable to start the event on time.

Furthermore, we realised L’rez has a pre-order of log cakes as well and thus, we have to compete with them and persuade the customers to purchase our log cakes.

Alternatively, due to the poor sales on the first day of the event, BakersWorld requested to change from rental terms to consignment terms.

How we overcome the challenges
We contacted the technician to fix the socket, and had a better plan on setting up the booth. Therefore, we manage to start the event on time on the second day of the event.

We provide personalised services to attract more customers.

In order to persuade BakersWorld to continue with their business on the 2nd day of the event, we re-negotiated the rental terms with them by lowering their rental fees and helping them to sell. 

Post Event

With Love, Team Woah

After compiling the receipts for the pre-orders, we managed to hit our sales target of $1200 for both days and exceeded the proposed target by $1,068. We were happy to have achieved our targets despite the challenges we faced along the way. The successful completion of the event made all our hard work and efforts worth it. We learnt a lot of valuable lessons and at the same time had fun!