Friday, August 21, 2015

SG50 NATIONAL DAY I.T. FAIR (Collaboration with Kaira)

EMRS Team 3 recently collaborated with Kaira, a regional distributor of I.T. products, for a SG50 I.T. Fair sale. The I.T. Fair was held from 3rd to 4th August 2015, 10:30AM to 4:30PM outside D'Studio. The objectives of this roadshow were to test out the student market for I.T. products on behalf of Kaira, to increase the awareness of Kaira, and also to learn what goes into planning and executing an event.

Event poster

We liaised with Frederick, the product manager of Targus and representative for Kaira, to bring in products that we think are likely to appeal more to students and the staff of NYP.
We were also given a budget of $30 for this event, which we spent mostly on A&P and booth decoration.
A dry-run was executed on 31st July. We timed ourselves for the set up and tear down of our booth. This allowed us to have a feel of how much time will be needed for set up and tear down is going to be like on the day itself.

 Ken and Neville displaying the products

 JunJie pasting stars on fish line for the booth decorations

Marilyn and Shi Ying painting the "SALE" sign

Executing dry run on 31st July outside D'Studio

Trying to fit fixtures into one trolley

Our A1 poster for the event at the atrium

Day 1:
Every group member reached school at 8:30AM for the set up of the booth. The set up ended at at 10:35AM. Reason for taking almost two hours for the set up is because the powerpoints were not available at the event area, so we had to tap on the power source downstairs beside the ATM. 
We also had mobile selling teams for Day 1 to encourage our target audience to purchase products from us. 

Trying to settle the extra stocks

Thinking of how we can rearrange the products

Our best seller! Strontium OTG Adaptors!

The hard disks were quite a hot seller too!

Day 2:
After the set up on day 1, we have gotten the gist of it and hence we were able to complete our set up within an hour. The powerpoints at the event's area were also fixed so we need not tap on the power source downstairs.
We also rearranged the products. We started our sales earlier, and it has been proven that when we start earlier, we were able to earn more sales. We also had mobile sellers that went out during non peak hours to our target audience in attempt to increase our sales.

Say Hi!


All in all, the event was a success! Even though we missed our sales target by an estimate of $30, we were all happy that we were able to learn a lot from this event.
Especially in terms of logistics and how to be flexible in times when there are unexpected hiccups. This event has also helped team 3 to build strong comradeship with each other and helped NYP and Kaira to build a relationship, which may aid in future projects.