Friday, August 21, 2015

Mini Roadshow: MAMA MUNCHER

For our mini roadshow, EMRS Team 3 had the choice of working with an internal or external vendor. Because we wanted to sell something which was unavailable in school, we decided to go for an external vendor that sells old school snacks. 

We worked on a consignment basis with Lian Hup and Cheers to bring in old school snacks and popular drinks from the past which reminisce about the period when we were in school. The mini sales took place during the exam period on 18 August 2015, from 10.30am to 3.30pm. The objectives of the roadshow are to hit the sales target, engaging of external & internal vendors, insights on planning event from scratch and having hands on experience. 

Having a tight budget for this event, we tried to minimize on the amount of money we spent on materials. To overcome this issue, our team brought materials from home for the decoration of the Mama Muncher signboards. 

Layout of our booth! 

As a group, we decided on the theme 'MAMA MUNCHER' which was the combination of "mama shop" and "stress muncher". As we thought that it was the exam period and every lecturer and student would be very stressed. 

On the day of the mini roadshow, EMRS Team 3 started the set up at 9.00am. However, the set up was rather messy despite going through 2 dry-runs as there were changes of fixtures and logistics confusion. As a team, we set up the tables, placed the tablecloths and arranged the props and products of our booth. 

JunJie, Adam and Faith setting up the booth
Mr Sudesh giving us advice on improvements to be made

The A&P team came up with promotional ideas such as coming up with pre-order delivery services and distribution of flyers all over school to attract customers to patronize our booth.The OIC came up with a movement and manpower schedule which separated the group into different teams. One team was stationed at the booth while the other three teams were deployed out for mobile selling. 


At the end of the event, we managed to exceed our sales target of $350. We hit an estimated of $557.50 with a profit of $140 - $150 with the help of the supportive friends and lecturers.


All in all, despite the tight deadline that we had to meet, we were confident in making this event a success. Even though we are from different specialization, fate brought us together. Throughout the period in EMRS, we bonded with one another and created memories that are precious. EMRS was indeed an enriching and fruitful experience for all of us as we had learnt the importance of teamwork throughout event planning. Because without it, we would not be able to accomplish all events.