Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Team Buiding Event

EMRS Team Building was held on the 18th July 2014 from 1:30 to 4:30pm

The objective of the event was to bond with everyone in EMRS. Each team had to nominate an admin to organize for this event.


Having only 3 days to plan for the event, we came up with 6 team building games.

1st Game

The first game was ''Amidakuji'' also known as ''ghost leg" which was used to split the 3 teams into 4 teams.

The rule of the game was to start at a vertical line and turn at every horizontal line you meet and reach the destination.

 2nd Game
"Name Your Opponent" is an ice breaking game. It hyped up the team a little bit and they can get to know about other teammates' names better. Both teams have to send out 1 member behind the cloth and when its pulled down they have to shout out the opponent's name. The team with more members shouting out the names first wins!

3rd Game
"Form The Shape"- All members have to close their eyes except for a leader to help guide them to form the shape required. For example, forming an octagon. The leader have to be precise in his or her instructions for them to create the shape.
4th Game
''In Line Charades"
A word would be revealed to the first person and subsequently the members have to pass the word down by actions only. Points will be awarded to the team if the guesser (last person) is able to infer correctly!
5th game
"Slave the jobs"
It's a relay whereby a pair starts building a pyramid from paper cups & passing them to the next pair while racing against another team. The rule of the game is to maintain the pyramid while moving.

6th Game
Defending the Egg 
- Members could tap on their creativity and handicraft skills by designing a 'protector' for the egg. As this egg within the 'protector' would be release from the 2nd to the 1st storey. Thus, the goal of this game is for the egg to be safe and sound after the drop. The other criteria is the outlook or creative design of it.

The teams in the top left and right picture below won the hearts of the supervisors over the creativity criteria.

1... 2... 3... Drop!

Prize Presentation

We are the champion~ Team 1

1st runner up! Team 2

2nd runner up! Team 3
Last but not least! Team 4

In conclusion, there were many areas for improvement for the game organizers as we need to buck up on our communications and teamwork. There were times where we were disorganized, the instructions came off differently to the audience and last minute changes were made to the games. Thus, we have to expect the unexpected as well. Though a few games weren't able to engage everyone together, we hope that everyone gets to know each other better and at least enjoy certain segments of it. Thank you for your participation guys!

Game Organizers (Pei Lin, Puva & Terrance) :)