Monday, July 7, 2014

Entrepreneurship Fair 2014 - HOPE. VENTURE. SUCCEED.

The Entrepreneurship Fair was held at the Auditorium Foyer on 3rd July 2014 from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm. Our task was to assist the Retail and EDC students to showcase their entrepreneurial skills.

Pre-Event Preparations 

We had to prepare the Entrepreneurship Fair concurrently with the Shopify Talk. It was a challenge as we had to quickly get into our respective roles and start planning on the event. 

Working hard preparing and planning the fair!

 Putting up the posters at different parts of the school to publicize the fair.

Entrepreneurship Fair Set Up 

We had to set up on the day itself as the auditorium foyer was occupied the day before. we reported at 8am to ensure we had sufficient time to set up. We faced difficulties in setting up the event as there were construction work going on at Level 1 and the back entrance was still locked. However, we found an alternative route to solve this problem.

Bringing in fixtures into the Auditorium Lobby           Marking the floor to correctly place the tables

During the set up, there was a confusion about the allocation of fixtures to vendors as they were not sure what fixtures they reserved. But luckily, we had prepared the list of fixtures that each vendor reserved before the event and managed to allocate them accordingly.

Students collecting fixtures to set up their booth!

Retail and EDC students setting up their own booths. Good Job Guys!

30 minutes before the fair starts! 

Entrepreneurship Fair Begins

We had 23 vendors participating in this fair. The vendors brought in a variety of products such as, glow in the dark t-shirts, tie-dye tote bags, handcrafted items for sale! The colourful and creative booth decorations attracted the attention of many students and staff. Most stalls had a successful day of sale and some products were even sold out.

Doors open at 10.30 am! Look at the crowd who visited the fair!



The happy looks of our students. Surely, they have prepared and put in a lot of efforts for this event.


                                          DIY Tote Bags and Keychains              Scrapbooking items and Notebooks


                                                   Sunglasses and Accessories                   IT Products


 Our Team worked hard too, making sure the event run smoothly. Also, we had a great emcee to attract more crowds to visit the fair!  

Wrap Up

Through this fair, we have encountered more unexpected problems than our previous events. However, our team managed to overcome all of these challenges through teamwork, communication and leadership. Also, we have learnt how to deal with vendors professionally and manage to control the crowd without any hassle. 

Overall, although this last event was the most tiring out of all but we had an enjoyable time. We would definitely miss our time in Events Managements and Roadshow. We thank all NYP staff and students who attended and supported this event!