Wednesday, July 9, 2014

NYP Alumni Breakfast Get-Together (14 June 2014 & 28 June 2014)

This alumni cluster event was held on 14 June and 28 June 2014. The objective of this event is to allow networking among former classmates and make new friends over the breakfast buffet.

Some highlights of the event included: 


Manpower Allocation 

We began allocating roles to our team on 3 June 2014. The roles included the following:

  • 2 x Overall-in-charge [Kimberly and Germaine]
  • 1 x Logistics in-charge [Yihui]
  • 4 x Game Masters [Angie, Jeraldine, Xingyan and Yuxin]
  • 2 x KTV room in-charge [Yihui and Huihui]
  • 2 x Billard room in-charge [Jonathan and Marc]
  • 2 x Registration booth in-charge [Gladys and Novem]
  • 2 x Floaters and ushers [Kimberly and Germaine]
  • 2 x Emcees [Vincere and Genevieve]

Pre Set-Up [9 June]

We also began packing goodie bags for the children!

2 days later, we also confirmed with Belinda from the Alumni Office on the fixtures that we would need to take from the fixtures room for the event. 

The fixtures included 18 tables and skirtings, 5 Q stands, speaker system, 10 clip-on stands and the lucky draw box.

Set-Up [13 June2014]

We did up the registration signage and also pasted the 'kampong' house and animals on the magazine shelves.

     Our 'kampong' house, hopscotch area and farm animals! 

Signages were also placed around the school
Actual Day – [14 June 2014]

All ready to welcome the guests!

Our emcees for the day, Vincere and Genevieve!  

Opening speech by Dr Valdew Singh, Director of Alumni Relations Office

Our first speaker, Peter Draw of Present, who shared with us about his mobile app 'Present', 

a social video diary capable of capturing precious memories.  

Our second speaker, Evangeline of Evacomics, who shared with us about her passion for comics.

Our third speaker, Ansar of Sparks and Posh, who shared with us about his Waterless Car Wash and Wax service.

The winning team that won the BINGO Icebreaker game!

Peter trying out hopscotch!

Kids sure loved the hopscotch!

Shooting the cans!

And also engrossed in colouring!

Stephanie, Peter and the alumni enjoying the Karaoke session!

Our group photo with Peter and YellowInch

Set-up - [27 June 2014]

After having a feedback session with the in-charge, we made some amendments to the layout of the stage to have a better view and lighting. For the second set-up, we managed to finish up 1 hour earlier. It was a huge improvement to the previous set-up as we were more familiarize and hence more efficient in moving the fixtures. 

Actual Day – [28 June 2014]

We reported at 8.30am to get ready for the arrival of the guests and alumni from SBM, SHS & SCL.

Busy setting up the registration booth

 Our Emcees rehearsing before the arrival of alumni

 Alumni (Above 2 pictures) sharing their personal experiences. 

 Our team member taking a photo with the entrepreneur. 

Mini cozy KTV session for the Alumni.

 Our very own team members joining in the fun!
 Learning balloon sculpting from the balloon master.
We are very thankful to be given this opportunity to work and interact with the alumni. The event ended well and all of us had a lot of fun! Our hard work paid off and ended off on a good note.