Tuesday, March 26, 2013

EMRS Outing Day 2013

In the effort of getting the EMRS Team to bond and know each other better, the DBI students from EMRS Team 3 were given a task to plan out an outing which was held on 25 March 2013, from 9:30am - 4:30pm.

Planning Stage
We were given an approximate of 2 weeks to plan and organize the event, which included brainstorming on what games to play, planning of the program flow, checking out items needed for the games, choosing the food and drinks that the Team preferred as well as recce of the venue.

Actual Day
On the day itself, everybody met at Marina Bay MRT Station around 9.30am. Although there were latecomers, we managed to catch the 9.50am bus, and  reached Marina Barrage at 10am.
After settling down, we started off with the ice breakers games. We played a total of 2 ice breakers which were Tom and Jerry followed by Sing Out Loud.
The purpose of the ice breakers game was to get everybody warmed up as well as getting to know each other better. Other than that, they also learnt to work together as a team and gave their utmost best in whatever they did.

Tom and Jerry!

Sing Out Loud!

After "breaking" the ice, we started off with the briefing of the main game, The Mayor Game. It is similar to the Amazing Race, whereby they were divided into 4 groups and have to complete a total of 5 stations. 
The first station was the "Factory Job" whereby the teams were given 8 mins to sew as many cloth as possible. 

Sewing Work of the EMRS! 

The second station was "Prawning". Each group member was given an option to either open or close their eyes and pick up as many marbles as possible within the given time. 

Trying hard to pick up the marbles!

The third station was " Hard Labour". Each group was assigned to carry a team member from one point to another within 2 minutes. 
The only guy working hard for the team! 

The fourth station was "Blowing time". At this station, the team had to choose 2 members where one of them had to hop on one leg and the other to run on the spot as they blew up as many balloons as they could within 2 minutes.

Blow Blow Blow!

After completing all four stations, each team had to return back to the finishing line where the last station was.         Whichever team that reached the finishing line first, would be able to receive a bigger amount of  "money" on top of what they had earned from the other four stations. The game at the last station was "Bunny Time"  whereby each member's ankle would be tied to each other and the teams competed against each other. 

Station master giving instructions to the teams!

By the time we finished the first part of the Mayor Game, everyone was hungry and it was LUNCH TIME! We ordered Sarpino's Pizza and it was delivered on time. After the pizzas were arranged into different flavors, everyone started to eat and enjoyed their pizzas and drinks!

Nomz Nomz!

After everyone had a  fulfilling lunch, we started on the second part of the Mayor Game! Using the money that the teams  had earned, they were entitled to buy the materials needed to build the house. The materials included ice cream sticks, masking tapes and scissors. Each team had to build a house with a strong base using the materials provided. Afterwhich, a ball would be thrown at the house to see if it breaks or topples over. The purpose of this game is to encourage teamwork.

Team 1!

Team 2!

Team 3!

Team 4!

Teams 1-4 "Ice Cream Stick Houses!"

Upon completion of the Mayor Game, we continued on with a few team games before ending the day. The games included "Tug-Of-War", " Rope Skipping" and " Police and Murderer"

Trying hard to jump!

Police or Murderer? Hmmm...

After all the games have ended, everyone finally got their prizes! Although it was a long and tiring day at Marina Barrage, everyone enjoyed themselves and we are definitely closer to one another! :) To conclude, we would like to thank the supervisors and the students who took part in the outing and made it a success.

EMRS TEAM 2 & 3!