Thursday, December 20, 2012

ERMS Christmas Farewell Party!!

On the 19th of December, Team 3’s Aqilah and I organised a Christmas-cum-Farewell party for EMRS Sem 2 round 2 students. We spent approximately 1.5 hours setting up the decorations around the area where we were holding the party.

Among the decorations we made, was a portable backdrop that we used to take pictures. We also made some props to make the photo-taking session more fun.
Simple decorations to brighten up the area!

Yummy food!!!
Wanna guess what we had?????

Domino's Pizza!
Jealous already? Wait till you see what we had for dessert.

Log Cake!!!
We had a log cake to have a more Christmas-sy feeling.

The presents that we had bought for one another, placed under our virtual Christmas tree.

After food, we continued on to the games. YAY!
The theme for that day was either red or green item/clothing.
As some of the participants did not follow the theme, they had to do a forfeit!

Forfeit: Drinking Freshly Squeezed SOUR Lemon juice

Their faces after drinking the juice:

"Bring it!"

After the forfeit, we were gathered in a circle to play more fun games.

Forfeit for losing the game was once again, LEMON JUICE.

After the games, we went on with the “Lucky Draw”. We had given out the numbers to the team members and we asked the teachers to draw a number from the box. There were four special lucky draw “prizes”.
Four “lucky” students walked away with Maggie Mee, a poncho, a packet of cotton pad and a pack of banana milk.
 Upon opening the gifts, the shocked expressions were epic to watch. And we all had a good laugh.

Finally, it was time to reveal the Secret Santa! 
Everyone was  tasked to purchase a gift that is suitable for the person they had randomly picked for $5 or less. The challenge was the budget as well as the fact that no food gifts were allowed.

To make the process more interesting, the buyer had to describe the person he/she had bought the gift for and the others were to guess who this person was.

Participants describing their gift-receivers.

Exchanging gifts

At the end of the party, we had some time at the photo booth with the props.
Some fun pics!!!

Last but not least, group photos of the EMRS team with the supervisors!


Overall, we had a fun time and finally got a chance to relax after the tiring events that we had been through during ChildAid 2012. Thanks to the gift exchange, we were able to better know one another. The mini get together session gave us a chance to relax and bond over some delicious food and fun games!

Thanks to the supervisors, we were able to enjoy the little awesome party we had! 

Done by: Melisa Lim