Friday, December 14, 2012

Back2School Insider

This time round, EMRS Team 2 was assigned to organize and manage the “Back to School” event – Campus Spree. 
This event's main purpose is to welcome back all the students of NYP after the school holidays The event was held from 14 November - 16 November. 
The event include various vendors from different companies such as Starhub, Zalora, Knock Ice, Kayess, etc which had attracted many shoppers in and out of campus to come over and have a look.

The pictures below were taken during the process of setting up booths and decorations for Back To School.  Half of team 2 was assigned to put up the decorations which included hanging mobiles as well as stickers on the pillars while the other half was in charge of setting up the booths for various vendors. All the decorations were delicately made by hand to stick with the budget given. 

The decorations for the pillars were covered in plastic in order to retain the quality of the stickers and also to prevent the decorations from getting wet during rainy days.

The main banner for the whole event was put up in front of Shopping Arcade and decorated nicely in order to attract attention of the passerby to the event. 

Tables and cloths were brought out of EMRS's fixture room to be set up every day before the event happened.

These are the hanging mobiles that EMRS Team 2 had made. They were all printed out and coloured by the members of the team. 

Names of the vendors were also printed out as signboards to indicate their location.

During the events, the main focus of the shoppers was towards accessories for hand phones, foods as well as make-ups and clothes. 

Our best-selling products throughout the whole event were knock-ice. This “magical” ice-blended drink drew majority of the attentions of the events.

A booth for Zalora was set up and free vouchers were distributed during the event for the first 200 customers. 

A big thank you to Team 3,who helped distribute flyers to people around the school. They had also assisted a lot during the events (including taking care of the booths during lunch time, set up and down the fixtures everyday during the events, etc.)

Overall, Back To School was a successful event. We managed to exceed our sale target twice as much as we expected. Though there were still problems occurred during the shows but they were all solved almost immediately. EMRS's team members from this event also learnt how to manage the events and be more flexible and active whenever there is a problem occurs. An event never runs smoothly without any problems, but there is always a solution to them so that we can solve it as soon as possible.