Monday, November 19, 2012

Retail Seminar 2012

The retail seminar was held on Wednesday, 7 November 2012, followed by the career fair which allows students to find out more about possible job opportunities for themselves. About 120 SBM Retail Management students and 30 guests from retailing companies such as Spring, Chopard, Richemont, Front Row, H&M, EpiCentre and Uniqlo were involved in this event.

Pre-Event preparation (6 November 2012)
On 6 November, a day before the event, Team 3 started to set up the vendors’ booths and registration counter at the foyer at BLK B Level 2. Tables and chairs were transported from the fixtures room and EMRS room to the foyer. Initially, some of the chairs that we brought down were all of different colours and was not coordinated accordingly. Therefore we had to get 2 people from the other team to help bring down chairs of the same colour and bring up the ones which we were not using. We also prepared the signages to paste on the tables of each booth so that it would be easier for the vendors to identify their booth. By 5pm, we were done with the set up.

Event Day (7 November 2012)
On the day of the event, Team 3 gathered at the foyer at 12.30pm. Some of us helped to carry down the boxes of goodie bags. The packing of goodie bags was done a week before the event by 5 of us. There were a total of 150 bags and 30 of the bags were to be given to the guys and these bags contained different items. Goodie bags were sponsored by SASA and it contained items such as mascara, eyelashes, body scrub etc.

We also started to put up the signages on the seminar room doors so that it will be easier for students and speakers to identify the rooms where the talks will be held at.

Putting up reserve tags for the speakers/guests

Two students were assigned to be at the registration counter and each of them had their own name lists for the registration. Moreover, name tags were prepared so that they can be given to the speakers. 2 students were also assigned at the registration counter to assists the speakers/guests to the lecturers and students to the respective rooms.

Students having their refreshments before the second talk

Talks held in the seminar room

While the second talk was going on, a few of us started to sort out goodie bags and placed them outside each of the seminar rooms. 2 students were stationed outside each room to help distribute goodie bags to the students. Initially, there were not enough bags for one of the rooms. However, there were extra bags left after giving out to the students in the other 2 rooms because the talk ended earlier. As such, we had enough for those in the last room. If all three talks had ended at around the same time, it would be hard getting extra bags from the others and thus, some students might not have gotten the bags.

Students were then encouraged to visit the various booths for the career fair. EMRS students also visited the career fair booths.

At about 4.45pm, once all the students left, we started to pack up and clear the place. In all, the retail seminar was a successful one. Although there were a few hiccups such as the lack of seats for students and problems with the sound system, we managed to settle things quickly. The lesson learnt after this event is that no events will run smoothly without any problems occurring. Teamwork and communication among team members are extremely important to ensure the event was a smooth one.  The judging factor is the way we solve the problems and the solutions to ensure a smooth run for the whole event.