Monday, November 5, 2012

'Carnival' Mini Roadshow by EMRS Team3

Team 3 was tasked to organise a mini-roadshow at the linkway outside McDonalds selling Cheers and MSC products. The roadshow was held on 23 October 2012 from 10.30am to 3.30pm. 

Planning Stage

We were given about a week to prepare for this internal event. The ICs for the respective roles were Melvin as the overall IC, Christopher as in-charge A&P and Benezer the in-charge for Logistics. We were given a budget of S$30 to prepare for the whole event and we ended up only spending of S$28.35

During the planning stage, the team went down to Cheers and MSC to select the products that we would like to have at our roadshow. After that we proceeded to determine the quantity needed for each product.

Took the stock from Cheers and the team do a stock count

Meanwhile the A&P IC and the team brainstormed ideas on the theme of the mini roadshow. After much consideration decided on the 'Carnival' theme. As much as our preparation to set up the theme of our booth which consist of many other factors such as the design of our decoration, displaying the product and also our dress code. The team then proceed to work on the decoration and product display.

Our attractive poster featuring our hero products. 

The team used red and blue as the primary colors for all our A&P decoration to ensure consistency.

After which, the Logistics IC and the team also went down to the fixture room to decide on the fixtures that we would need for our booth. We took down details like the measurements of fixtures so that we can estimate how much space our booth.

Event Day

Setting up our booth

Putting up the balloons for booth decoration

We worked together as a team and managed to complete set-up at by 10.30am.

Candies and chocolates on display

Toshiba thumb drive on promotion

Drinks are displayed on the metal rack

Made In Candy!

Chilled drinks are kept in the ice box

2 members were assigned to do mobile-selling around the campus while the rest will remain at the booth. The team members involved this actually helped the team in the mobile-selling made several trips around the different schools in the campus to boost its total sales for the event.

Mobile sellers promoting our products to the secondary school students

Secondary school students helps to increase the total sales revenue

At the beginning, it was a challenge attracting customers to our booth. However, during lunch time, our booth started to get more crowed as some of us had to work non-stop. 

Sales were good as we managed to hit our sales target by 1:30pm. 
Toshiba 8GB thumb drive sold out!
We even managed to sold out the attractive Toshiba 8GB thumb drive at around 1pm. As such the A&P team has have to take down its advertising promotion for the 8GB thumb drive and left with the 4GB thumb drive

The event ended at 3.15pm and we managed to clear everything by 4pm. We had fun throughout the whole process

Orgainsing this mini roadshow was a totally new experience for most of us. After the whole event, we all felt a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Looking back at the roadshow, all of us now understand the importance of proper planning and execution of an event.

Team work is also a must regardless of the nature of the event. Together we can achieve more!