Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mini Roadshow 9 April 2012

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success. 
Henry Ford

EMRS Team 1 was formed and we were tasked to plan and run a mini roadshow selling items from Cheers as our very first event. Jonathan was assigned as the Overall In Charge, Boon Keat as the Logistics In Charge and Leo as our Advertising and Promotion In Charge. We gained much knowledge on the fixtures needed for the booth and were briefed on the financial and administrative matters. We came up with the theme, "POKKA DOTZ", as we planned to use POKKA brand drinks as our main selling item. We ordered more than 200 bottles of POKKA brand flavoured drinks including the popular POKKA Green Tea and Ice Lemon Tea. However, we received only Blueberry Tea, Milk Tea and Milk Coffee drinks at less than half the quantity ordered for each. We faced the challenge with an open mind and decided to make do with all the other stocks we received and continued to set up the mini roadshow with our existing theme.

These are the photographs we took during the pre-roadshow period. We used foam paper to make our nametags and we printed out the letters of POKKA DOTZ and designed it with colourful circles cut from coloured paper for our banner. We displayed the prices of promotional and new items on the posters and used interesting fonts and colours to attract customers.

We set up the booth as a team and made some last minute amendments to our display. We also had colourful circles of different sizes cut up for our customers to write any well wishes for our team and the circles were then placed at the front of our tablecloth, making them part of our display as well. 

Although there was a miscommunication on the cash and stock flow duties, we exceeded the sales target by quite a huge sum as well as our expectations, too. Here are what some of us had to say about the roadshow:

"An unforgettable experience!" - Hema

"Even though it was tiring, it was enjoyable & I learnt that teamwork is very important." -Yan

"Awesome hands-on experience!" - Jacqueline

We are thankful for this eye-opening opportunity and we would like to thank our ever-knowledgeable supervisor, Ms Winnie Quek for sharing tips and guiding us through our first roadshow, and many more to come :)