Thursday, April 26, 2012

back to school and green fair

Background & Objectives of the Event

The Back to school event and green fair was organised by the TEP Events Management and Road Show Team 2 to give a warm welcome to our new NYP students and encourage them to fights climate change.
On April 16th , we organised a 'Back to school & Green Fair' event to welcome new and returning students to NYP.This event was held right after our mini roadshow. We had to source for external vendors and suppliers for the first time. We managed to invite 9 vendors namely BGO, SGFreebees, Nestle, Sjora, Book Mark. IT, Fast Fash and lastly 2 yummy food stalls; Ramly burger & Premium Food Delight! For this event, everyone worked really hard,sometimes getting home after 10pm!

 These photos show the hardworking people of EMRS:

The banners gave us the biggest headache as we needed 6 people to get the banners up. And the letters kept went 'missing in action' thanks to the strong wind.

On the first day of the event, we had to drag our feet to school at 7.30am and prepare for the '3 days war'. As our dress code was black and jeans for the day, we were all pespiring so much after the setup due to the heat and the lack of fans at the venue.

We also had our 'Kopi girl&boy' helping Nestle to give the sample of the coffee! The crowd was so good that during day1,we almost ran out of ice, so popular was the iced drinks. 

'Kopi' girl & 'Kopi' boy

We also had our 'Green Fair' theme for this event. We've got BGO, Book Mark IT and Fast Fash to join us in raising awareness about saving the Earth. BGO is a vendor selling soft toy, clothes that are 100% organic. Fast Fash were selling totebags which send out a message to people to use less plastic bags. And lastly, Book Mark IT sells used books and stationery. To go according to the green theme, we also included a board which shows some fun facts about recycling, how NYP students go green and also a booth to let people jot down on how they could help save the Earth.

100% organic clothes & soft toys by BGO

Save the Earth, get a totebag today!

Green booth for people to jot down how they could save the Earth.

Bookmark IT!

Posters on how to save the Earth!

On day 3, we had Sjora joining us in our event. Not only did they give out samples of their tasty orange juice, they also had a treasure hunt game which students could win a xBox Kinect. Within 3hours, the lucky student had already found the "hidden treasure" and walked away with the awesome prize!

At the end of the whole event, we certainly enjoyed ourselves and gained more experience. We learnt to 'Expect the unexpected' and strive to improve ourselves for future events. Teamwork was definitely one of the most important factor that led to the success of the event. Thanks to the teachers involved, EMRS Team 1 and the DBI students who made all of this happen.

We managed to achieve our above objectives of having an experience of running the actual event all by our EMRS students, we saw alot of creativity in innovative ideas from our students in the process of making the event and finally we also learnt that teamwork is very essential in an event and even when one person is not aware of what is happening, the event won't go as well as we planned.