Thursday, April 19, 2012

Customised Study Path (CSP)

Team 3’s last internal event was the Customised Study Path (CSP). This event, which was held on 11th April 2012, was again handed to EMRS due to previous success and positive feedback received by the teachers. Team 3 did the planning for this event and the all the teams in EMRS assisted to execute it. The objective of this event was to ensure that the entire process of the registering of modules for students was made as seamless as possible.

We had ample time to plan for this event as it was handed out on the first week of EMRS and the actual event only took place on the last week. And with the powerpoint slides, layout and signage used by the previous batch for reference, the whole planning process was also made simpler. 

We took the initiatives to come up with new signage design, the registration lists and manpower allocation. The actual printing and cutting of the signage were done a week before the event to ensure that they will still be in good and new condition. We also went round clearing all the rooms needed for the event a day before to ensure that they are spick-and-span for the actual day. All the manpower was briefed a day before too on their job scope. Also there was a briefing conducted by a lecturer on how to use the software necessary for the registration of modules which was attended by all EMRS students who were tasked to be stationed at the computer labs.

We started off our event day morning with breakfast and by setting up poster stands and signage around SBM to ensure that students who are involved know the exact location to report to. We went around preparing all the necessary rooms needed for the event by screening a slideshow which gave students instructions on how to proceed after each procedure. We deployed our ushers and Lab/Room ICs to their respective locations 45 minutes before the event officially commenced to attend to students who arrived earlier.

Our Room ICs were given queue numbers and registration lists for the diploma they were assigned to. As the number of students expected to turn up for CSP are different in the various diplomas and specializations, some of the rooms were very packed once the event commenced. We managed to complete the event by 4pm, which was one hour earlier than the stipulated time, because of the thorough planning and execution!

Overall, the event was a great success as every student managed to register their modules on time. This also marked the last event executed by the Round 3 EMRS students. We all had fun and the compliments that we received from the lecturers after the event were such morale booster which made us hope that our EMRS journey can continue further.