Wednesday, March 28, 2012



The Laneige Beauty workshop was another successful event organized by EMRS Team 2. It was held on 23rd March 2012 at LTD 5, from 2pm to 4:30pm.  The signed up rate for the event was over 90 people. The objectives for the event were to create further awareness of the brand, to teach students about the importance of skin care, to equip students with event planning and management skills and lastly to expose students to plan and run a workshop.

Our Posters

Before the event, we had to make sure that all the logistics items were brought and set up. Furthermore the logistics IC need to prepare the registration booth and ensure that the microphones are working. A&P IC has to ensure that all the decorations needed for the LTD is set up. We also have to pack about 100 door gifts that were given by Laneige.

Packaging the door gifts

During the event, we had two team mates in charge of the registration counter making sure that the students are registered before entering. The four ushers ushered the audience in and made sure that the front seats were filled up first. 

Ushering the participants
Registration booth handled by Edwin and Wan Ting.

Our guest speaker Mr Larry Yeo

Tiffany, our volunteer for the make up session.
During the make-up session
Overall the event was a total success as we have met our objectives.  Responses from our participants were positive and they enjoyed the Beauty workshop and felt that they have learnt the techniques of make-up skills. Our team also enjoyed working in partnership workshop.  It was a fruitful experience in organizing this event.
During Question and Answer session.

Jacq another volunteer for the make- up session.

Participants collecting the door gifts

Ms Khoo giving the token of appreciation to our speaker Mr Larry Yeo