Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The day we saved the beach

Hi everyone, do you remember? On the 21st March 2012, the whole EMRS team went for a community service event at East Coast Park as planned by team 2.

We saved the beach by cleaning it up and played team bonding games to strengthen the bond between everyone! 

In the morning, Zhang Yu, Wahidah and Jia Min from the organizing team meet up first at East Coast Park to prepare and mark out areas for the games. At around 9.45am, the bus reached school and we were on our way to East Coast Park :)

We were given a short briefing by Wahidah and Roshini as to what will happen for the rest of the day. We were then divided into our 4 groups and started the game of charades.

Followed by freeze and then turnover.

These were the warm up games where they would have to communicate with each other to complete the games.

At around 11.45am, we went to have our lunch break. We worked in shifts during the lunch break to hide the signs and name tags for the following games after lunch.

Lunch ended at 1.15pm and we started to save the beach which is our community service. 

We went back to our teams and started clearing the area for around 45 minutes. We brought the rubbish back to the meeting point to see who collected more litter. The amounts of litters that we found were unexpected, as we all believe that the beach is clean.

We continued the games. The first game after the lunch break was dog and bone.

Next, the 3 legged race. 

Last, finding of the name tags.

 After each of these mini games, the teams have to choose two numbers from one to nine for an equation that they have to form at the end. This equation will have to be equivalent to seven, using the hidden signs and numbers chosen per team.  Further instructions for the last game were given when all the teams found the name tags that were buried in the sand. 

The teams were supposed to go around and start finding the missing signs hidden in by the organizing team around the park. Also, when they were finding the signs,

 they could disqualify other teams’ members by pulling off the name tags that were tied to their hands.

The final winner of the games is: 

Although it was a very tiring day, everyone enjoyed and had a lot of fun bonding with each other.

Everyone agreed that this community event was a very fun and interesting event.