Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fixtures Mission

It is Team 3’s privilege to present to everyone on our recent Fixtures Event, which was held on the 19th March – 22nd March at NYP’s very own Fixtures Room.  The objectives of this event were to organize all the fixtures in an orderly manner and revamp the entire floor plan of the room.

With the arrival of the new added fixtures, the pathway in the room became narrower and it became a challenge for anyone who wanted to find his/her item. The team realized that there was a clear need to reorganize the room in order to make it more accessible and convenient for others to move about. In addition, we also identified the problem where stocks went missing from its location. With this issue at hand, our team decided that it was best to design a Fixtures Loan Form that would prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

As soon as the day’s agenda was communicated to us, we promptly began our work. We started with moving and organizing the fixtures in the room. This part of the job demanded us to be physically ready and cautious as most of these items were heavy and fragile. Fortunately for us, we had strong guys in our team who did most of the carrying while the girls took the liberty of doing the administrative work such as recording the dimensions of each stock. The team also values the importance of workplace safety, constantly reminding each other to be careful and taking the initiative to provide assistance to those who seem to be in need of it.

With the supervision of Ms Choo and the leadership of Glann, our OIC, everything was carried out smoothly. Within a day, we cleared 70% of our objectives for the event. What were left of the event were the minor details such as preparing a stock list of all the fixtures in the room and labeling the shelves. All these duties were carried out in the next few days.

Overall, the team felt accomplished that we did a decent job on revamping the whole fixtures room. Though labeled as a small event, we put in the same amount of excitement and enthusiasm into reorganizing the room. While Team 3 is one that always “Chiong” (as Glann loves to say), we also take pride in having fun in whatever we do, no matter how mundane or dull an event might seem to be. We hope that our efforts would be beneficial for the future batches of EMRS students and supervisors as they continue to use the fixtures for their events and roadshows J