Thursday, September 29, 2011

Usports@Sentosa, Tanjong Beach

Usports@Sentosa Tanjong Beach

On 24 September 2011, 20 students from the Teaching Enterprising Project (TEP), Events Management & Roadshow (EMRS) team, worked together with Berca Retail Group, to promote League Sports Carnival 2011 at Usports@Sentosa. We were very excited to be part of the planning team to set up a live station booth at Usports@ Sentosa, Tanjong Beach, to promote and encourage registration for the Sports Carnival. As our EMRS team have been looking forward to this carnival, everyone was in exceptionally high spirits. We had prepared four exciting games , namely: Mini Futsal, Running Man, Knockout and Guess How Many? to attract beach lovers at Sentosa to play the games for free and win attractive prizes.

When we arrived at the carnival destination, we were welcomed by the colourful banners and the overwhelming crowd. The activities started at 8 am in the morning thus everybody were already playing their ball games. “ We were all quite surprised by the number of people there in the beginning but we all got used to it very quickly, after a little warm up session at the booth” quoted by Iris, the student leader in charge of the event.

ONE HUMAN, ONE LEAGUE! Our League partners were very helpful. The booth was filled with league shoes, hats and also clothes that were on soft launch prices. That attracted quite a lot of customers and sales were good!

Getting started with setting up our games! First to set up was the game Guess How Many! Team members started setting up our games right after we settled down. Everyone was making them busy and useful. It was a pleasure for anyone to witness our teamwork and interactive skills. Iris and Rajee, both EMRS team 4 members were stuffing all the kids’ shoes into the exhibition showcase box, preparing for people to guess the number of shoes inside the showcase! They were meticulous in putting the reasonable number of shoes into the showcase and thought about many other decorative ideas so as to attract people. Can you guess exactly how many are there inside the showcase?

Under the scorching morning sun, we were peeling off plastic covers for our games racks! Everybody put in their share of effort to take off wrappings and made sure our game racks weren’t damaged.

Our League Mini Futsal! The purpose of this game is to imitate the actual futsal game at the sports carnival. We will have 4 players on our team whereby the opposite opponent will be the players like YOU! They can either form a team of 4 or come individually, and then we will have players available for YOU! Though our team members are not professionals in Futsal, the guys still tried to play at their best. More people started streaming in to play futsal with our guys when they saw them playing by themselves at first. “The outcome was unexpectedly good especially when we learn that interacting with people is very important in building good relationships” quoted by Howard, EMRS team 5.

Our strong ERMS Boys – Julian and Gary!! They put in a big effort preparing the games! Kudos to them!!

Our team members were innovative in their idea of doing a temporary goalpost, a substitute for the real one. Our team was creative in using rods and sticks from our daily amenities like broom and mop to make it into a goalpost. The idea worked!

Though our EMRS team made a ‘Goal Post’ on our own, we did not ‘activate’ it! Of course, the organisers had more sturdy goalposts than we had, so we obliged to use their goalposts instead!! Although we had to forgo the “self-made goalpost” for a better, sturdy and a bigger goalpost provided, we learnt that in order for an event to be successful, we must be flexible, think and decide things for the best in advantage of the event itself. This was a valuable learning point for all of us.

Our boys were moving the goalpost in place! What hard work they did and the energy put to good use!

Now, for the fun part, I’ll introduce our strong and muscular man to you! The one hanging on the goalpost was Howard!! He was so active and restless that it influenced our team, boosting our spirits even more!

The makings of RUNNING MAN- the 30m sprint! We designed a long ‘Track’ for the 30m sprint, the fastest timing that the runner can accumulate will get League vouchers.

Through this event, the girls on our team proved their abilities too! They displayed an independent and organized impression to our League counterparts. The pictures show they put their effort to put sand into trash bags to act as a sandbag to put some weight on the ‘running man’ track.

Finally, our running track is done up! It is ready for running!!

Our knock out booth was also ready by 11 a.m.! It took us two weeks to design the knock out idea that involves letting people throw ping pong balls at the cardboard LEAGUE shoes on the rack, there are different points such as 10 – 50, and even bonus points of 70 and 80. Each person could have a total of 3 tries to accumulate the points. HOWEVER, penalties will also be included! There are random of 3 penalties of negative points that players must look out for! Winners are awarded $10 league vouchers! What a good deal right??

Ready for business! The emcee walked over to our booth and introduced our various games and products! He even initiated a conversation with a bystander to guess how many shoes were inside. We really appreciated the effort the emcee made, especially when he walked around our booth to our different game stations and describe all our games in details. That was very professional and ethical in his emcee job. After some of our team members actively moved amongst the crowd with pamphlets to get people to our booths, there was response from the people who started coming in!

Our first participant!

Our first winner of LEAGUE vouchers at Knock-out station! He scored 170 points after 3 tries! The wonderful cardboard rack lasted for the whole day and it was very popular among those who came to play. It was quite a challenge as using ping pong balls to hit the exact shoe point from a distance of about 4 metres was difficult.

Sprinting in progress!! One of the sprinters challengers was from the NTUC fare dodge ball player.Mini futsal success! Attracted boys to play with our team! Despite the hot sun, hot sun and the restriction of space to play futsal, many people were still game to play with our team. In fact, game after game was played due to good response!

YEAH!!! Many of our team members know each other even better through this even communication and interactive skills have improved tremendously.

Overall, our morning shift ended with lots of fun and laughter till the afternoon shift came and we all had our lunch together. Upon seeing our afternoon shift members arrived, we had a lot to tell and share with them. This was a good bonding session for our teams as well.

Fatimah: “Mini futsal was very fun, I hadn’t tried playing before as I could not find enough players .Unlike today, everybody was so sporting! This event is my most memorable!”

After the three participants took part in other games, two of our team members promoted the carnival to the participants, trying to generate more registrations for the upcoming carnival, elaborating on the games available, the cost involved and also the prizes!

After manning the booth for the long afternoon, our team decided to have some fun near evening by having a game of dodge ball! It so happens that the warm up court for dodge ball was vacant, thus our team make good use of the area for a good game! It was scorching hot and everyone were already soaked in their own sweat, however, all of them enjoyed to the fullest.

“The plan was executed in a professional manner and I really appreciate all your hard work and innovation towards this event.” said Mr Saiful, our League counterparty, during the meeting with all of us. “The impression that you guys made when all of you appear in same uniformed tees and also walking in a big group, managed to attract attention of those who were there. Even the emcee turned and noticed you guys and knew where you guys came from. This is marketing. This is advertisement. You have done a good job!” Mr Saiful continued.

The posters that our team member Jason designed have received many good compliments from management from NTUC and our vendors.

Team member Julian, even helped to move the ‘Guess How many’ exhibition showcase and Ms Tan also gave her support. B.I.R.D Company also rendered help by shifting all the items onto the lorry. We really appreciate the effort that all of the people put in to help us regardless of the hot and humid weather, helping out with one another are vital during events, things are done much faster and effectiveness is increased.

See you again!

Throughout this carnival, we have some thoughts to share! :

Through this event, we learn to cooperate with not just our team members, but also with our external partners such as our clients. Being independent, we took good care of ourselves and helped to look out for each other. We also learn to be more patient and tolerant towards our team members, and we respect one another’s views and opinions. We ended our day with satisfaction, fulfilment and most importantly it was the most memorable for all of us. The day was filled with fun and laughter that was precious and joy can be seen in all our photos. This event is a mega hit for us. If we were to be assigned such events again, we will be sure to do a better job at it. Let’s put all our learnt lessons and values to good use in our daily life, not just at the day of the event!

Written by Kiki Ng Hui Xian
(EMRS team 4)
Year 3, Diploma in Business Informatics