Thursday, September 15, 2011

iMusae Street Karaoke @ *Scape 2011

On 10 September 2011, 14 students from School of Business Management (SBM) under the Teaching Enterprising Project (TEP), Events Management & Roadshow (EMRS) team, worked together with the IMusae company to set up a iMusae Street Karaoke booth at *Scape as part of the media launch to increase awareness of the iMusae Mobile Karaoke Headphone.

A few days before the event, students planned the promotion event and were divided into three shifts. Students undertook tasks such as singing, photography, survey and product promotion. At each shift, a couple of students would sing along to the karaoke music videos on their mobile phone using the IMusae Mobile Karaoke Headphone to show how the product works and promote the launch of the device.

NYP contestants and winners of the iMusae Karaoke Contest who had been chosen as iMusae ambassadors also turned up to help us to create awareness of the product. In fact, everyone was given a chance to sing! Many visitors tested out the product and provided useful feedback.

Students who were doing the mobile promoting walked around and interacted with the people asking them to try the IMusae Mobile Karaoke Headphone. And if they were too shy to try the product, our mobile team also brought along laptops so that they can have access to their facebook and help us like our fanpage. How convenient!

We managed to get 20 people to sign up for the USnap IPose contest, and more than 50 fans joined our Facebook. Not only did we manage to get the audiences to support us, some were even keen on buying the product! The teams really did a good job in advertising and publisizing the event! Everyone who visited our booth really had a good time trying out the iMusae Mobile Karaoke Headphone. At the end of the day, the event was a huge success!

Our team members feel that we have learned a lot through the event. We learned organizing process through real life external projects by organizing a media launch and related activities. It allows us to step out of our own boundaries. We also learned how to approach people and work better together as a team. If given a chance to do it again, we would gladly do it!

Written by Fatima Chaudhry, EMRS Team 5

Year 2 Diploma in Marketing