Monday, October 10, 2016



Team 2 was tasked to organize a mini roadshow on the 4th week of  EMRS, 21st and 22nd September, 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Our objectives:
  • First hand exposure & experience setting up an event
  • Develop communication and negotiation skills
  • Promote awareness of good skin care practices

We aimed to have a consignment deal and our targeted sales of the road show is $1050.

The team started planning in week 2 of EMRS, where we assigned the roles for the event. 

OIC: Yi Huai
AICs: Yu Xuan & Isaac
Advertising & Promotion: Hazirah (I/C), Claudia, Syafiqah & Jia Wei
Logistics: Angela (I/C), Sherrie, Vanessa & Wei Lun
Finance: Jolynn (I/C), Lini & Bryan

Next, we cracked our brains for a suitable theme & products to sell during the event--
We suggested a few different types of products for the roadshow such as, childhood snacks, hand sanitizes and even cosmetics.


1) ColourPop Cosmetics
We were actually all so excited to proceed with the idea of selling Colourpop Cosmetics. Colourpop Cosmetics has been the current hype in Singapore as it is the most affordable and pigmented product which ranged from matte lipsticks to eyeshadows. 

However, there weren't any distributors in Singapore as it was from US. 

2) Childhood Snacks
Childhood Snacks was an idea that was popular among the team and was believed to appeal to our proposed target market - students. However, Mr Sudesh suggested that having food as a theme for our mini roadshow was cliche and boring hence we decided to improvise.



With the arising haze problem and people mentioning how dry their face is getting, we came to a conclusion to sell facial masks.

After searching through the web for a suitable company, we found, Beauty Colony, who was willing to do consignment and have worked with NYP students before. On top of that, the prices that we have set were marked 15% below market price! We ordered many brands such as Nature Republic, Innisfree, Forencos 7 Days Mask, Mediheal and SkinFood.  

The finance team calculated the estimated profits and relevant costs for the roadshow.

The A&P team designed many posters and flyers and consulted Ms Choo and requested for the team's vote in choosing the BEST suited design.

Final Poster Design

Final Flyer

During the preparation process, the A&P team produced the banner and design layout of the booth together with the help of Logistics team. The banner was made out of colored papers which was similar to the ones in our poster.

The Logistics team came up with a detailed log sheet to ensure all the goods can be accounted for before, after and during the roadshow

Our team reported at 8.30am in the morning where we took the first hour recounting stocks, start of day cash and packing of logistics and inventory before heading to the booth location (Outside D'Studio).

At around 9:30am - 9.45am, we began setting up our booth. The banner was set up by the A&P Team, while the placement of table and posters were set up and placed by Logistics team and AICs. The POS on the other hand were set up and prepared by the Finance Team with Ms Choo's assistance.

Team 2 setting up the booth for day 1

Wei Lun and Yu Xuan placing posters outside Cheers

The finish booth set up

Angela setting up the goods

After the setup, we were briefed by the OIC, followed by Mr Sudesh. By 10:30amwe were ready to deploy the 3 mobile selling teams and the opening of the mini roadshow. 

Wei Lun selling to teachers

Claudia and Isaac selling to students

Vanessa and Lini posing for a picture with Ms Benedicte Liew

Jia Wei Advertising our roadshow at Food Connect

Angela promoting some products to the customers while Jolynn is doing cashiering

4:10pm: We started recounting stocks and sales. The logistics and finance team carefully counted and even recounted multiple times to avoid discrepancies.
4:30pm: We started tearing down the booth and by the end of the day, we had zero discrepancy in sales and inventory for Day 1!

We ended the day with a debrief by the OIC, along with suggestions on things to improve the following day and the things that went wrong. 

Booth tear down with everyone's help!

Day 2
The team reported to the EMRS room at 8.40am to collect the goods and banner before heading down to the venue. Some of the guys from the team head down to the fixtures room to collect the fixtures we needed to run the booth.

By 9.45am, all the things needed to run this roadshow were at the venue, we took 20 minutes to set up the booth and count the money for the cash register and mobile selling.

By 10.45 am, the booth have been set up and the team have a short briefing hosted by the OIC and followed by a motivational speech by Mr Sudesh.

We took a much faster time on the second day as we were familiar with what to do.
By 10.20am, we were ready to open the booth for sales and the mobile selling were ready to set out to their respective location.

Hazirah preparing the baskets for mobile selling teams

Innisfree face masks was so popular that it was sold out before lunch time!

Following the day before, by 4.10pm, we started recounting stocks and the mobile selling teams headed back to return the money and leftover stocks. 

By 4:30pm, we started tearing down the booth and returning everything to its respective places.

Closing down and counting the final stocks and finances

We were happy that we had zero discrepancy in sales and inventory for both days!
The event was a success even though we did not achieve sales target. We achieved our objectives as we received many positive feedback from our customers about the products and some were aware of the importance of good skin care practices. At the end of the roadshow, we achieved a total of $918.50, most of the sales was from the face masks. Despite not achieving our sales target, through this event, we gained planning experience and learnt the importance teamwork and dealing with suppliers. Most importantly, we became more bonded with each other as Team 2 are more understanding towards each other.