Tuesday, October 11, 2016

EMRS Customized Study Path Year 2016 Semester 2


Team 2 was tasked to plan and execute the 2016/S2 Customized Study Path(CSP) on 6th October 2016

Our objectives was to provide guidance
and assistance to students who are planning their modules/ timetable whilst ensuring that the procedure remains smooth. We also aimed to :
  •   develop team work and enhance communication skills of students in real life setting of a work environment,
  •   train to be observant in their surroundings and understand importance crowd control management,
  •   platform for students to acquire problem solving skills when facing unforeseeable circumstances.
After setting our objectives clear, we decided to do a vote to appoint the Overall-In-Charge and respective roles of the CSP. After much discussion, and revotings......... we decided on the roles of each team members:
OIC: Wei Lun
AICs: Hazirah Haril, Lini, Syafiqah & Angela
Advertising & Promotions: Jolynn & Vanessa
Manpower: Yi Huai, Sherrie, Bryan, Isaac, Claudia, Jia Wei, Yi Huai & Yu Xuan

Planning/ Preparation Stage

During the planning stage, we had different tasks to be done relevant to each area, from manpower allocation to the procedures on how students will be going throughout the event. Advertising & Promotion team was in-charge of the queue numbers and the signage required during the event. We included the  procedures of CSP on the back of the queue numbers. 


CSP Procedures Recap:
1. Registration at D509
2. Proceed to assigned Counselling rooms
3. Counselling by Course Manager/ PEM
4. Proceed to Blk B to construct and print timetable
5. Bring printed timetable to get approval from PEM/ Course Manager at Blk D

AICs were in-charged of manpower allocation for pre event, event day and teardown, and also the layouts of the rooms. 



With the help of Team 3 there were adequate amount of people in each room at Block D

Jolynn printing the queue numbers

OIC-Wei Lun going through CSP procedures with AIC-Syafiqah

3rd October 2016
AICs incharged of Blk B and the crew that were assigned to Blk B went through the training of CSP to familiarize with the construction of the timetable.

After lunch, Hazirah and Wei Lun briefed both Team 2 & 3 on CSP so everyone will have a better understanding and also to clarify any doubts. Thankfully everyone understood their roles clearly. 

Dry Run & Set Up
5th October 2016
One day before the event day, we had a pre-event set up and prepared the rooms according to the layout designed. The guys in the team helped in placing the signages.

We also placed the signage a day before so we would not rush the very next day.
Lini, Claudia, Syafiqah & Vanessa (From Left to Right) helping in the pre event set up of one of the rooms in Block D

The set up starts right after lunch. We started off with the first room, D510; we took a much longer time setting up in the first room than the rest of the rooms. 

During the set up and dry run, we learnt that it was important to do a dry run as during the process we could come up with possible problems that may arise during the event such as having limited space, amount of chairs and if the students would have to re-construct the time table. On top of that, some room layouts were changed due to the unforeseen circumstances

We wrap up and finished the set up and dry run within 3 hours.

Event Day
6th October 2016  
Both Team 2 & 3 reported at 8:00am in our EMRS shirt. OIC, gave a short briefing before the 2 teams head to their respective venues at block D and block B. 

Our OIC- Wei Lun, thanked all of us for coming in the cutest way  

Thank you Team 3 for helping us in our event!

OIC-Wei Lun giving us a morning briefing
Block B
Syafiqah, Claudia, Chi Han, Angela, Nigel and Wen Peng, Jia He, went to set up the computer laboratory. AIC- Syafiqah & Angela did a short briefing to those incharge of Block B.

Setting up the computer to key in instructions for the students

At 9am sharp, students started pouring in, and things got hectic. 

Yi Huai our floater came in to help.

Syafiqah & Yi Huai assisting a student who encountered a problem

From 9am to 10am, was the peak period and the 2 labs were full, we were running around helping as much students as we can. That was enough cardio for the day!

Run Here,
 Run There,
 Run Everywhere!!


 Hazirah & Lini briefing the room assistants their individual roles.

Team 3 are listening attentively to AIC

Registration In Charge get ready for registration

At 8.30am, students started to register

Counselling in progress "PLEASE KEEP QUIET!"

Direct student to various respective counselling room

Post- Event

After CSP ended, everyone rearranged the rooms back to their original positions and           clear any litters at Block D, while the students at Block B helped clear any litter at the computer labs and shut down the computers. 


Rearranging the tables back to their original position

Returning the poster stands to the fixtures room.

During the debrief, we went through things that went well and can be improved on. We are thankful for the overwhelming response from Team 3! Once again, thank you Team 3 for helping us!


Block B

  • Students unfamiliarity of the online registration site
  • Teachers in the labs were unfamiliar with the module registration of procedures
  • Not enough manpower during the peak period

Block D
  • Requested logistics from teachers were not given such as staplers.
  • Signage for registration was too small

Block B
  • Backup and Floater assisted the Lab In Charge during peak hours
  • Student assistants were well informed of the registration procedures
  • Despite the high traffic during peak hours, student assistants were calm and patient with the students
Block D
  • The use of whatsapp as a form of communication was smooth
  • The adaptability of everyone.
  • The efficient registration system.
  • Teardown of rooms were quick and even the rooms with heavier tables were completed in less than 7mins
  • Tear down and rearranging of tables and chairs to original position were much quicker than pre set up 


"anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" -Murphy's Law

Overall, there were many challenges we faced throughout the event but we managed to overcome them and enjoyed the event. We learnt that no matter how detailed we planned the event with risk managements, there will always be unexpected issues that would arise during the actual event hence we have learn how to overcome them without panicking.