Thursday, August 25, 2016


Venue: Outside Koufu
Time: 10:30 AM to 3.30 PM

Event Background

Our team was tasked to source for a vendor that does not sell food and is willing to work on consignment basis. Bearing this in mind, we decided to work with a drink company. Having a long list of vendors which included Overdose, Gryphon tea, Soi55, Matchya, Abana and many others, we settled on working with Collaboration Tea. 

Why we chose to work with Collaboration Tea is that they were quick to get back to us agreeing on the partnership and was willing to compromise to our terms and conditions. We believed that we could build up the brand awareness for them through this collaboration.

About Collaboration Tea

Collaboration Tea sells aroma infused tea with motivational quotes attached to it and are packed in unique packaging that are customizable upon request. Due to their hipster looking packaging, we knew it was going to be hit in our school as it's something almost everyone would love as they would not be able to find it outside market.



After securing our vendor, we worked out the logistics and manpower list which will come in handy for the event as another team was also having their event. By having a logistic list, we knew what to buy and which equipment to book or share with the other team. The manpower allocation helped us to better allocate our team members be it manning the booth or going out for mobile selling.

Before the event, we decided on a floral theme as it complement our products. Surrounding the theme, we did up the posters to be placed up around the school to help with promoting our event. 

We also did a floral garden fence with fairy lights around it to put our tea bags in. Furthermore, we made a banner with our group name to attract more customers to our booth and we had catalogues which showed the different teas that we were selling and the benefits of the teas. 

An order form and stock card were also created to ensure that there was no stock discrepancy. Before every mobile selling, we noted down on the stock card the amount of product that was taken from the booth. At the end of each day, we tallied our remaining stocks with the order forms to make sure the amount was correct for the day.

A day before our event, we went around different locations of the schools to put up our posters side by side with the Mooncake team as seen from the pictures above! Also, we ensured our banner was properly secured to the poles, tea benefit labels and order forms were prepared and our teas were properly packed according to how many we wanted to sell on the first day for both booth and mobile selling.

Event Day

On the day of event, we got down to the fixtures room to collect the items that we booked and went straight to our event venue and started to set up our booth. On the first day, we took quite some time to get our booth together but we reflected on what could be improved and worked on those areas for the setting up next day.

We deployed ourselves around the school for mobile selling to boost our sales and it really did help as our best selling tea, Lychee Martini was almost close to sold out just on the first day itself. Tea samplings were readily available at the booth at the same time to allow customers to taste and identify which flavors are to their liking.

By the second day, we managed to sell out half of our products, leaving ourselves with 28/200 packets of teas to sell. With that, we decided to do mobile selling on the third day to finish selling our stocks and it did not take us an hour to do which was very elating for us!!

Post event

A day after our roadshow ended, we tore down our banner to reuse and prepare the board for our upcoming event but before that... we could not resist a groupie! (the sole thorn to our bed of roses was not around on that day) 


There were several takeaways from this roadshow which included understanding the key process of running a roadshow event, learning how to setup and tear down our booth efficiently during events and also how to run our own event from sourcing for a supplier to executing the event ourselves.

If anything, we also think that we should be more confident in ourselves when it comes to achieving the sales target as we thought we could not hit our sales target as it was during the study break period. However, our sales proved ourselves wrong as we managed to sell off all our stocks.

We were glad that we went for mobile selling of our teas along with the Mooncake team (they brought along their mooncake samples for their mobile sampling) for we think that it was an excellent pairing and proven a good idea as it helped to boost our sales.