Tuesday, August 30, 2016

EMRS Team 3 Mid-Autumn Festival Roadshow


Date: 16th and 17th September 2016
Time: 10.30am to 3.30pm
Venue: Outside Koufu 
Objective: To provide staff with the convenience of buying Mooncakes in school.
What is the mid autumn festival?
The Mid-Autumn Festival known as 中秋节 is a popular harvest festival celebrated by the Chinese community, whereby people will buy or made mooncakes to celebrate this joyous occasion.


Bakerzin's Mooncake
Holiday Inn's Mooncake
Gin Thye's Mooncake

Pre-event Preparation
Planning started some 5 weeks before the actual event. 
Our team consists of Peiying and Kenneth as OIC's, Kim Hwee and Cheryl as Logistics, Desmond as Finance and Terri and Jieying in charge of A&P. 

Prior to the event, our team came up with the theme of the event (Chang'E & bunnies), which relates back to how the mid autumn festival came about and setting the timeline for the work to be done and calling up of vendors. 

Our team contacted several vendors to enquire if they were interested to work together with us. The vendors ranged from hotel brands to local bakeries, such as Holiday Inn, BreadTalk, Thye Mok Chan. 

After calling our potential vendors, we decided to settle with Bakerzin, Gin Thye and Holiday Inn. These 3 vendors were able to provide us with relatively good discounts which hence allowed us to set our prices competitively. 

Once the vendors were confirmed, we proceeded to confirm with them on the delivery date of the mooncakes for sampling and to agree to our terms of consignment basis, our 30 day credit term and payment via Giro. 

Subsequently we came up with the details that would be put up on our online portal. As this event is done on a pre-order basis, we had to make sure the details on the website are all accurate to avoid any dispute. We also had to create an order form for easier ordering from the staff.
online website

Our A&P came up with several materials which comprised of banner, posters, catalogues, bookmarks and gift cards as prizes. 


Gin Thye's Catalog

Bakerzin's Catalog

Holiday Inn's Catalog
Prizes for the Plinko Game (Bookmarks)

Prizes for Plinko Game (Greeting Cards)

We also designed a game called Plinko whereby our customers can play and stand a chance to win attractive prizes!

Plinko Game
Plinko Game

Plinko Game's Instructions

We also created an  e-commerce platform for our customers to provide greater convenience for them to purchase the products. 

Shown below is how our online website looks like.

We later collated the total orders of mooncakes for all vendors and attained the sales figure of $2,549. However, our targeted sales was $5,500. We later reflected on the possible reasons for us to reach only half the targeted sales figure and came up with After Action Review (AAR) and presented it to Ms Quek and Mr Sudesh.

From this event, we learnt that;
  1. We do not have to organize the event by the traditional way of setting up a booth and get the mooncakes to sell in NYP. But we could actually get the vendors here in NYP and get them to sell their mooncakes to the people in school. This could have improved the sales figure as the staff may be more convinced to purchase since the vendors are personally selling.
  2. We need to accommodate customers' taste in purchasing things, especially in food and beverages. Customers nowadays are more health conscious and less people are willing to purchase mooncakes for themselves as it may be too sweet for their palette. Most customers get it as a gift for others. We should have sourced for more healthier options and halal mooncakes to cater to a larger target market.
  3. Wide competition among the online market (e.g. G Market, early bird discount) for mooncakes as there were more variety and lower in pricing. This affected our sales as our potential customer may feel that buying from other online website to be more cheaper and worth.
  4.  The delivery date of the mooncakes (30 August) may be too early for some staff. This is 2 weeks before the actual mooncake festival and some customers may feel it would be better if the date was nearer as it will be more fresher.


Mobile Promotion
Although our road show was on 16th and 17th August, we continued our mobile selling on the 18th also. We followed the manpower plan and bringing the mooncake samples, we covered the whole school by knocking on all the doors of the staff room. This enabled us to attain higher sales as we also tried to accept payment on the spot where we helped them to complete the transaction at D'studio and pass the receipt back to them. 
Sales Performance
Targeted Sales: $5,500
Sales attained: $2,549
We collated the number of boxes that we confirmed and sent it to the vendors for preparation.

Despite not meeting our sales target, our team has gained the experience on carrying out the whole event from planning to execution. This was a valuable experience that we will not forget.