Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Style I.T. Fair by EMRS Team 2

What’s better than starting a new semester?
Starting the new semester with great IT bargains!!!
A three day I.T. fair was held at the school atrium from 6th May to 8th May. It featured a range of electronic products and accessories with discounts up to 80%! If you had not been there, then you would have to wait for the next I.T. Fair in campus for an awesome opportunity to purchase great items at a unbelievably good bargain.

Posters by our A&P students!
Planning and Preparation
We started planning for the event two weeks before the actual event date. It was quite a rush but we managed to secure 11 I.T vendors and 3 food vendors, bringing back old favourites and new flavours such as Lao Ban Beancurd, Coolgurt and Charlotte Grace Cupcakes!
Lao Ban Beancurd!
New Charlotte Grace Cupcakes!
And Coolgurt!
2nd - 5th May 2014
On the 2nd, AGVA were the first to come and do a pre-event delivery of their goods.
Aceline, Lomography, LaoBan, AceCom came on the 5th with their products and fixtures to do their set up.
Storing Lomography goods
On the actual day
6th May 2014
It was an early start for all of us.
Our team reported to school at 7am and started setting up the fixtures at about 7:30am. It took us about two hours to finish. As this is our first time executing a major event, we made quite a few mistakes. Each of us were assigned to our specific roles. The girls were responsible for arrangement and setting up of the fixtures according to the layout while the boys did the movement of the fixtures and goods from the storage room to the atrium.
Moving the goods!
Making sure the cable taped down
7th May 2014
We reported at 8:30am and completed set up within an hour, an improvement from the previous day. The layout was modified a little to accommodate some vendors because the speakers were situated too near them. Despite some challenges, sales were higher than the day before.
Re-planning the layout
Setting up as usual on the second day
8th May 2014
On the last day, we reported at the same timing as before and this time, we set up the event within 40 minutes. It was a huge improvement to the previous two days as we became more accustomed, therefore more efficient in moving the fixtures even though there were even more adjustment of the positioning of the booths.
New fans for our vendor
We also have our foreign friends from Philippines who came here on a learning trip. They helped us in hosting the event and making of the A&P posters as we have massive sales on the last day of the fair!
Welcoming our Filipino exchange students
MC-ing isn’t tough for him at all!
Ringing up the sales!
Printing & cutting of the posters for the last day!
  Checking out our posters for great deals! :D
[The crowd on the last day of the fair!]
It was a very tiring event for all of us but we gained so much valuable experience from this mega event. From this event, we learnt that communication with the team and the vendors are very important. Critical thinking and foreseeing problems before they occurred are skills that we learnt from this event and from our supervisor. Furthermore we realised that teamwork played a huge part in the execution of the event. Without the team, this event wouldn’t have been accomplished.