Friday, May 30, 2014

NETSSG YONO FlashPay Card by EMRS Team 3

NETS SG was here in Nanyang Polytechnic's Atrium from the 6 - 8 of May to give out 3000 YONO FlashPay cards to the staff and students. The booth was opened from 10:30AM to 4:30PM for the 3 days.

YONO FlashPay Card and Welcome Kit

YONO, which stands for "You Only Need One", aims to nurture and cultivate the use of cashless payment. It positions the card as fun, cool, inspirational and everything such as youth events. This card offers many benefits such as 1-for-1 Starbucks café latte, 1-for-1 Cathay Cineplexes movie tickets, earning 5% rebates for all cab fares and more. Students could also stand a chance to win a lucky draw prize upon spending a minimum of $5 in any shops that provides Nets FlashPay payment service.

Preparation of the event:
The OICs from Team 3 had a meet up with the client, a few weeks before the actual event. During the meet up,  we were introduced to the functions and the purpose of the card, what kind of expectations the vendors had for the team and what they can help us with. After the meet up, a briefing was held to explain more about the card and what everybody is supposed to do. The A&P and Logistics I/C were also decided during the briefing and we have to come out with an event poster and logistics list. The team also decided on the shift work and arranged the job scopes according to flyer distribution, registration of cards, lucky draw and crowd control. The team also had to coordinate with Team 2, who was planning an I.T. Fair in the same location, to decide where the NETS booth should be placed.

Setting up for the event:

 EMRS Team 3 at work!

Our first satisfied customer!

Our first lucky draw winner!

Satisfied customers with their new YONO FlashPay card :)

 WOW! Look at that long queue!

Finally it's a wrap! After 3 full days, the event ended with a blast! All 3000 YONO FlashPay cards were fully redeemed. Thank you NETS SG and all NYP staff and students for your support!