Monday, April 28, 2014

Love Bonito by EMRS Team 3

Singapore's online leading retail store, Love Bonito, conducted their sales event at Nanyang Polytechnic Auditorium on the 22nd of April 2014, Tuesday 10am to 4.30pm.

Love Bonito offered great prices for their apparels and shoes. Tops going as low as $10, bottoms and sandals at $12, dresses, one piece suits and shoes at $15. There was also an amazing bundle deal of $20 for those who purchase a top and a bottom. There was a lucky draw session done hourly whereby shoppers stand a chance to win a $10 voucher.


Planning was done by the previous Team 3 and it was handed over to the current Team 3 to execute.

Previous Batch ~
Day before the actual event:

Blowing and tying up the balloons for display.
Yay! The banners and balloons are up !

Team 3 busy helping Love Bonito unpacking and hanging up the apparels!
Phew! The clothes are finally up!
Event day:

Final set up before the start of the sales.

Before sales starts, let us take a group photo~
Let's pray and hope the event will go smoothly!

Bags being neatly arranged by the team!

Crowd awaiting to enter the shopping area.

Let the shopping begin!

Happy customers with their purchases (: 

One of the lucky winners of the $10 Love Bonito Voucher

Fara, our lovely emcee, informing customers about the last sales timing... With her is Alan, the DJ for the day.
And... It's a wrap !

All good things come to an end. We certainly enjoyed the experience and we would like to thank Love Bonito for this opportunity! We hope that shoppers had an enjoyable time there!