Monday, August 5, 2013

Retail Job Fair 2013

On 17th July 2013, EMRS team 3 executed a retail job fair that took place at the atrium from 11 am to 4.30 pm.

The theme for the Job fair was "A Peek into the Real World". 
The logo above shows a pair of eyes peeking through a hole to depict someone peeking through the hole into the real retail world. 


Below are the posters that the A&P ICs came out with after going through many round of changes.

                                            Teaser poster                            Actual poster

After the completion and the approval from the supervisors, we placed the posters at different locations.

However, we did some onsite observations and we realized that only 1 out of 5 students actually noticed our posters but they would just walked past it. 

Thus, we decided to add something to our posters so as to attract students' attention. We had a lot of ideas to create something that can catch attention right away. After discussion, we decided to use Superman.

Why we use superman?
Superman is a hero well-known to everyone. Clark kent is a ordinary salary man before he tear open his shirt and turn into the superman who save the world.
This just goes to show that even superhero like superman have to work before he fly off to save the world.
So we used the picture whereby Superman open his shirt but instead of showing his costume, we replace it with our poster.

TADA! Our Superman! 
After a week of hard work, we managed to complete all our supermen! 

Clap clap clap! 

After completion of the superman, we replace the posters with the superman posters at the same locations. We did on-site observation again and we realised that this time, more students look at our posters and some even stopped to read the content.
The idea of using the Supermen to catch students' attention was a success!

Other than these supermen, our A&P created a directional signage that we placed at the entrance of the school, before the escalator leading into the atrium. It helped to broadcast the event more to the students as they will see the sign the moment they enter the school.

During the process of doing the superman and directional sign, our A&P started on the banner and flyers too.
The banner was a harder job as it was too big and this results in poor resolution pictures when we enlarge it so we had to ask for help from Ms Choo.
But it was completed in time and it was sent for printing...

However, when the banner was delivered to us...we had a problem...
We took the wrong measurement of the spider backdrop and we ended up sending a bigger size to the printing company. But what's done cannot be undo, we can only think of another solution.

Fortunately, the second level bridge way does not have any banner hanging there during that period.
Thus, we hang the banner on the second floor.
The wrong measurement was actually a blessing in disguise as the effect of the banner hanging from the second floor was really good.

Flyers were also created to be distributed to students.
                                                 (Front)                                           (Back)
And here is the Final flyer that was given out before and during the event.
We split into groups of 2 and went around the whole school to give out the flyers. We also distributed to MSC studio to help us give out the flyers to their customers.

WDA has also requested to have our students complete a feedback form at our event. Hence, we decided to combine the feedback form with our lucky draw slip. After printing up to a 1000 feedback forms, we had to stamp the NYP school stamp on the Lucky Draw slip that is attached at the bottom of the feedback form to prevent students from photo copying the slip.


Actual Day of Retail Job Fair  

It's finally the day of the Job Fair.
We had a total of 14 booths including Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS)

A big thank you to all the companies which came to join us for the event.

To attract more students to the atrium, we had a popcorn and candy floss booth giving out free popcorns and candy floss to the students.

The crowd during the event was really good. Response from students was better than expected too as we managed to collect more feedback forms than we originally estimated.

During registration, we had to ask for the admission card or NRIC card from students who wanted to participate in the lucky draw. This is because only students with admission card or NRIC card can participate in the lucky draw and winners have to present one of these during prize redemption.

We had our team members moving around the atrium during the event, getting students to complete the feedback forms for us and another group going around the school giving out flyers to broadcast about our event.

Our emcee for the event! It was a job well done by Nevin from team 2.

We had the help and support of team 2, without them we would not be able to successfully carry out the event as there will be a lack of manpower. Thank you Team 2!

It was a busy busy and busy day for the Lucky Draw registration booth especially at the peak period.
But we were happy to see that our event received overwhelm of response.

For the Lucky Draw, we were very honoured to have Ms Esther Ho, Manager of School of Business Management, Retail Studies and MSC operations as the prize presenter. A lot of students stayed for the Lucky Draw which took place at 4 pm.

Congratulations to both winners! They each won a IPad Mini (16GB)!

Of course not forgetting a group photo with our big banner.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the supporting partners, Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS) who sponsored the event.

In addition, thank you to all below companies who participated in the job fair.

This event was brought to you by:

Our team members have something to say:

Mei Fung: As the Over-all IC for this event, I was responsible in making sure that the event was executed successfully. From organizing this event, it opened my eyes to how working with external vendors is like and how unpredictable external vendors can be which actually taught us to be always ready to any changes. I realized that team work is really an important factor for an event, with team work everything can be done faster and better.

Audrey: As a Logistics IC, I learnt to be flexible and be ready to make frequent changes to my floor plan accordingly as needed. While drawing up the floor plans, my skills in the usage of the Paint software also improved. My planning skills improved too as I needed to consider the appropriate placement at the atrium. After the event was successfully completed,  I felt a sense of accomplishment. 

Daniel: As the Logistics IC for this event, I was able to experience planning an event from scratch which included taking measurements of the event venue to planning the booth sizing for the vendors. on the event day itself, I took charge of the whole set up for the event, make sure everything was moved out from the fixtures room and in working condition. At the end of the whole event, I had to make sure everything was kept back into the fixtures room. This event gave me the opportunity to experience the whole process of planning, conceptualising and executing an event.

Shi Hao: As a A&P IC, I learnt to give free rein to one's imagination to create a poster. My Adobe Photoshop skills have also been enhanced through this event as I had to make use of it to create a banner for this event. I felt very happy and satisfied at the moment upon seeing the outcome of my efforts.

Kang Li: Through this event, as a A&P IC, I became more familiar with the usage of Powerpoint. I also learnt to accept rejections by the supervisors. I felt upset less often. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. It gave me a sense of achievement after the poster was approved by the supervisors.