Thursday, August 15, 2013

Entrepreneurship Week 2013

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?
Many of us possess many qualities essential for being an entrepreneur but lack the courage and confidence to do so.  Keep your dreams alive and believe in yourself!

What are you waiting for? Step up and join us as we take you through our Entrepreneur journey in EMRS!

Week 1:
Reporting early at the EMRS project room on the 24th June, we were briefed about the rules and regulations, and assigned to an event that would be managed entirely by our team. How cool is that?

What was our event? The NYP Entrepreneurship Week 2013 that would be held at the Atrium on 30th July to 1st August.

Now, hold your horses, we would first need to establish our ICs for the event. As the overall IC, Nevin would lead the team in the planning and executing stages of the event. Technology savvy Kaiser would take care of the logistics. Gladys tapped on her creativity handling the A&P and Claire handled the finance matters of the event.

Our team set out to identify the tasks to be completed and put a deadline to them.  Highlighting the important milestones and dates in a timeline, we paced ourselves and managed our time well.

It was our honor to be invited to the trunk show presentation by the Retail Studies students. Nevin, Kaiser, Gladys and Jia Hui represented EMRS Team 2 in the trunk show presentation. Having seen innovative presentations, we saw potential in the students being entrepreneurs. We asked for their interest in taking part in our Entrepreneurship event as vendors and to our surprise, many of the students wanted to participate as student vendors.

However as we could only accommodate a limited number of vendors, we had to screen the applicants and shortlist them. After confirming the vendors, we contacted and arranged for a meeting with the vendors.

Week 2:
Besides sourcing for vendors at the trunk show presentation, we also collaborated with Entrepreneurship Development Club (EDC) to increase product variety. On our first meeting with EDC, we defined the roles and settled administrative matters.

Week 3:

Meeting the Retail Studies students allowed us to gain a better understanding of the products they intended to sell at the entrepreneur event.

To add to the variety of products available at our event, we explored the option of bringing in food vendors. What type of pre-packed food is popular among NYP students and staff alike? Coolgurt and Lao Ban of course!

We also sent invitations to performers such as the Dance Company, Soundcard and Chris from These Brittle Bones.

And now, to wait for their favorable reply…

Week 4:
We were glad to have companies willing to distribute samples at our event.  The companies are none other than The Body Shop and Berocca!

And now, how could our event do without ex-NYP students sharing their successful entrepreneurial stories? To complement the entrepreneur booths in the atrium, we decided to have an entrepreneurship seminar at B203. Founder, Event Director and Magician of JNR ENTERTAINMENT, Mr Robin Goh selflessly agreed to share entrepreneur tips with aspiring entrepreneurs. Not forgetting Mr Howie Chang, Director, Product Management at RedMart and CoFounder at Stylelogue, who also took time off to share his experiences in being an entrepreneur.

Week 5:

Introducing EMRS Team 2’s teaser… ticket stubs!

To create awareness of the Entrepreneurship Week event, we decided to create a teaser that will captivate students so that they would visit our Facebook page.  What better way to do so than to create ticket stubs bearing the details of the event and a QR code that links to the Facebook page? We distributed the ticket stubs all over NYP and received numerous likes and shares on Facebook thereafter.

Our posters featuring the budding entrepreneurs!

Week 6:

Our final publicity poster!

After much effort, our final poster is ready to be displayed around NYP campus!
Our posters also gained recognition from the Nanyang Polytechnic Facebook page and was seen by many NYP students.

All smiles as we work and play!

Finally, we are left with the decorations for the event.  In line with our theme Dreams Alive, our team decided that a hot air balloon as the backdrop of our photo booth would fit in just fine. To add an element of fun to the photo booth, we made props like moustaches, bow ties, hats and spectacles and Polaroid frames.

We also made direction signs with entrepreneur qualities on them.

30th July
The day has finally arrived!

Prepared and ready for our Entrepreneurship Week event, we started the day by preparing the atrium according to the floor plan.

 Our event in full swing!

Our vendors and their booth displays…

The retail vendors then started setting up their booths and displaying their products.

Ready for our first day performance?

Taking time out of their busy schedules, Alistair and Karen from Soundcard came down to the atrium for a lunchtime performance.

Gracing us with their presence, The Body Shop! 

The Body Shop gave out 200 of their lovely tree tea oil samples every hour. On top of that, the tea tree mascot and three lovely ladies went around taking photos with students.

Livening the event with her cheerful voice, Henrietta, the emcee introduced the event and warmly welcomed passers-by to visit our entrepreneur booths.

Our much anticipated food vendors :)

Who is able to resist a cold dessert on such a hot day? Be it Coolgurt or Lao Ban Beancurd, you’ll sure to be satisfied after having your fill.

31st July

The atrium on the second day of Entrepreneurship Week.

It is our honor to welcome back entrepreneurs that were ex-NYP students. Having gained experience and knowledge from starting their businesses, Mr. Robin Goh and Mr. Howie Chang have altruistically shared their insights and stories with the participants of the seminar. The response for the seminar was good and the seats were filed up quickly.

A token of appreciation for our speakers, Mr. Robin Goh and Mr. Howie Chang.

Having the soundcard, Louise Ann and dance company among the list of performers during the lunch break, we were thoroughly entertained as they put up a great performance.

To our surprise, NYP TV turned up at the Entrepreneurship Week event and interviewed Nevin and Gladys.

1st August

Be energized with Berocca!

A Berocca vending machine was stationed at the atrium and Berocca energy drinks were given out.

The moment we have been waiting for, Chris from These Brittle Bones! Only 14 years old, Chris has performed globally and he is here on NYP campus. Performing a total of 6 pieces, Chris attracted crowds, with students stopping in their tracks and watching from the sky bridge.

Last but not least, performances from Soundcard, it was our pleasure having Bryan and Wan Xin from Soundcard with us at the atrium at 1pm.

Students having fun at our photo booth!

Filled with fun, laughter and joy, who could resist not taking a couple of photos at our photo booth? Grab a prop and smile at the camera :)

Time for set down and wrap up our event.

Fret not, many hands makes work light. With the combined effort of EMRS Teams 2 and 3, we went full speed ahead in clearing the atrium. In no time, the atrium was spick-and-span, restored to its original splendor.

A job well done to EMRS Team 2 and 3! Time to huddle together and take a group photo!

Camaraderie between members of EMRS Team 2 and 3 would never be forgotten; we will definitely take these wonderful memories with us even after our stopover at EMRS.

Our team’s opinions:
As the Overall IC, my biggest challenge was firstly to ensure that all areas of the event were well coordinated and executed to succession. I’ve learnt plenty from working with different vendors, such as students from the Retail Studies section, from the SBM Entrepreneurship Development Club and sourcing for external food vendors, performers and seminar speakers for our event.   

Being the Retail student vendors IC was definitely a tedious job as coordinating them was difficult since all of them had different schedules. Nonetheless, it has improved my patience and communication skills. Additionally, I was the Advertising & Publicity In Charge as well. I have learnt quite a bit about the wonders of Photoshop as well as PowerPoint with the help of my teammates.

As the Finance IC, I have learnt to be more flexible and receptive to exploring unconventional methods to achieve our goals. Working with the various vendor groups has been an enriching experience as I picked up communication skills, business process skills and entrepreneurial skills etc. from corresponding with them.

Kaiser: As the Logistics IC, I was given the opportunity to handle tasks that were beyond the four walls of the classroom. This provided me a hands on experience on how logistics works and how stressful it could be. I would like to thank EMRS Team 3 for helping out to make this event a success. Overall, it was a wonderful experience.