Tuesday, January 17, 2012

NYP Open House SBM Bazaar

Nanyang Polytechnic SBM Bazaar was held during the Open House from 5th January to 7th January 2012. This event was organized by EMRS students from Team 2 and 3.

The planning stage started on 29th December 2011. We have successfully managed to finalize the tasks that need to be completed before the actual event. Due to a short time period of time to prepare for the event, we have to compress our planning and preparation.

As the Overall In-Charge(s) for this Open House SBM Bazaar, Yustina and Kaying, we have faced numerous problems and difficulties. Through all these challenges, we have learnt and gained a lot of experiences. We have to liaise with the external suppliers and oversee the entire project, making sure that everything is going on par and the individual In-Charge(s) are well-informed of their roles and responsibilities.

For the A & P preparation, the In-Charge(s) are Aisyah and Jian Sheng. We were assigned to decorate and enhance the NYP Fast Food link way. The areas that need to be decorated are covering up the CCA boards, the ceiling and the floor.
We also have helpers to assist us in the preparation, Eileen and Kwan Ting. We were told that the area is being divided into 4 districts – Orchard Road, Clarke Quay, Shenton Way and Lau Pa Sat. Each of these districts has their own uniqueness and we need to follow the theme.

Pre-event preparations:

Yustina, Jian Sheng and Winston were hanging up the A&P decoration at the ceiling

Pei Rong and Kia Wei pasting the floor decoration

The A&P voluntary helpers who worked overtime to complete the remaining preparations

The four districts banner decoration:

The four district wall decoration:

Top: Orchard Road, Clarke Quay
Bottom: Shenton Way, Lau Pa Sat
For the Logistic the In-Charge(s) are Nurul and Julia. We were responsible for planning out with the floor plan of the booths and handling the fixtures. During the pre event, we recced the location to ensure that the measurements of each booth were precise. We were also assigned to finalize the fixtures that the respective booth in charges requested. During the three consecutive days of the event, the process of moving the fixtures was fast and efficient. However, there were over estimated fixture on the first day, but we managed to move them back to the fixtures room to avoid confusion.

Here are the booths for the NYP Open House 2012:

Cashiers for the event- Julia, Edward, Zafirah

Zoom, In- Aisyah, Yvonne, Vivian

Ring Oh Ring- Jennifer, Hui Xiang, Xin Yi

Capture Moments & Apple Street- Yustina, Pei Rong, Kaylee

  Food for Fun, Pencil Box, La Cartera - Jian Sheng, Eileen, Shao Hao

Fresh Prez, Bookmark IT, Fast Fash – Tri, Nurul, Safeena

Kanoe Sports- Te Hui, Winston, Jie Yi

Le Accessories, Fringe Avenue- Di Sheng, Kai Ying, Mei Mun
Shop Till You Happy, Daily Dose- Melissa, Li Sing, Kwan Ting

  Thy Vogue, Thykidsarealright, SimpleZ – Amirah, Asri, Zalikha
Cactuz Pte Ltd- Jivon, Yi Yuan, Kia Wei
  Mojojojo, Moo Moo- Janice, Jia Li, Xin Yu

  Yustina serving the customers
  Safeena handling customers enquiries
Aisyah taking out the darts for the customers

Winston was promoting his products to the customer

Here are the organizing teams:
Team 2

Team 3

Most importantly, a big THANK YOU to everyone for putting in your valuable time and efforts to make this Open House SBM Bazaar a success! We’re really grateful for all the contributions and efforts. This event would not have happened without the presence and hard work of every individual. Once again, this event has strengthened our relationship and team spirit beyond the individual team.

Last but not least, we would like to extend our appreciation to all the supervisors. This event would not be a success without their valuable advises, guidance and encouragement. Special thanks to Ms Quek, Mr Chong, Ms Khoo, Ms Tan, Mr Sudesh and Ms Choo.