Thursday, January 26, 2012

GeneratioNYP 2012 & Charity Bazaar

GeneratioNYP Semi-final & Charity For Light

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” ~ Henry Ford
The quote above echoes what the EMRS students went through to put together every bit and pieces that was possible to make GeneratioNYP Charity Bazaar from a dream to reality.

It was a hectic period as the week before GeneratioNYP, the EMRS students had just ended another mega event, the NYP Open House 2012. However, given a short duration for preparation, GeneratioNYP was still a success as each one of us put in our best effort, sacrificing hours of sleep and returning home late to complete all that is needed for the event.

GeneratioNYP Charity Bazaar was held on the 10th, 11th, 12th of January 2012.  The objective of this event is to allow us, the Event Management and Road shows (EMRS) students to have a first hand experience on entrepreneurship and at the same time to help the Student Union to raise fund for ALife, a non-profit voluntary welfare organization.

Some of the things that were included in the preparation were sourcing for suppliers, taking stocks, advertising& promotion, floor plan, liaising with Student Union (SU) and finally, setting up at the venue on the event days.

Setting up was a challenge as we had 26 booths in total. These booths had to be set up along the link ways of MacDonald’s and Koufu. Therefore many fixtures were needed. Teamwork and cooperation is very critical in this situation as we had to move the required fixtures from the fixture room to the venue each morning.

“Nothing can be done without teamwork! Communication between subordinates holds the key to success.” Di Sheng (Logistic I/C)

                                           Event's banner

                                           Decorations to brighten up the venue





                                           And setting up

As EMRS students we are required to guide the Student Union and its contestants to set up booths and make sales to raise funds for ALife. In total there were 8 contestant booths. Some of the products that we sold were apparels, accessories, handmade diary by the contestants themselves, kacang puteh, tote bags and Gong Cha.

                                           The Kacang Puteh Booth

    Contestant Leonard with EMRS Booth mates and his handmade diaries
                                          The Accessories booths

The Gong Cha Booth, contestant booth winner with the highest profit. All effort goes to the two EMRS students who when the extra mile by giving promotion as much as 50 % off. Their aim was to push all the inventories on the last day so as to raise as much fund as they could.

                                  Gong Cha!

                                Holten Co. selling apparels and accessories
                                Rainbow Bears selling tote bags and diaries

Contestant booth which raises the highest profit will get to move on to the final round of GeneratioNYP. Therefore, the competition added on to the bustling atmosphere of the event. We even came out with last day promotion just to attract more crowds and sell as many items as we could till the last moment.


Besides the 8 contestant booths, we had our own EMRS product booth selling fashion & sports apparels, sweets and Polaroid Photo at $2 each. Just like the contestant booths, we also had to source out for suppliers and create our own advertising & promotion materials and strategies.

                                          Camilla Femme
                                          Adora Flora
                                          Kanoe Sports
                                                     Polaroid Photo
                                          Not forgetting the Sticky Monsters!

                                 And also Bak kwa pre-order for Chinese New Year!       


In addition to contestant and product booths, we had 4 game booths. Below are some pictures of the game booths:


Any bazaar will be incomplete without food; therefore we called in food suppliers selling NYP students’ favorite food such as Ramly Burger, Yogurt and Cheese Fries! However, sourcing for food supplier was not a simple task.

“Organizing food vendor is a very challenging task, especially to search for suitable food vendors for the event. But to ease the burden I managed to allocate task to some of my team mate. Their help is much appreciated.” Amira (Food I/C) 




 Also for the event we had two EMRS students handling the payment counter as cashiers. Being a cashier is not as easy and simple as it sounds like. The two cashiers had to be very careful and meticulous in receiving cash and returning change to the customers. Overall, our cashiers did an excellent job and at the same time gained many learning points from it.


 “Being a cashier teaches me the importance of money and every single cent is important even if it is 10 cents as it would affect the overall cash collected. It also improves my mental calculation as sometimes there are many customers” Winston (Cashier)

GeneratioNYP had been a great experience for the EMRS students, Student Union, GeneratioNYP’s contestants and all NYP students who came down to support the event. It teaches us, especially those organizing the events, communication skills, interpersonal skills, problem solving and most importantly teamwork.

We managed to raise a total of $6878 which was handed over to ALife in a ceremony on the 21st of January. What made the event a success was the effort put in by each and every one of the EMRS student.

 “Without the help of EMRS students, charity for light would not be possible.” Jerald (Student Union)

Finally, GeneratioNYP Charity Bazaar is something that we are proud to have achieved and will be the most memorable moment in EMRS. We acquired a whole new experience and knowledge from the event. Also, most importantly new friendships were forged in the course of organizing and executing the event.