Tuesday, July 5, 2011

EMRS Team Building Events

The Team Building Event was organized by the TEP Events Management & Road Shows (EMRS) Team 5 on 17 July 2011 at the NYP Sports Complex. This event serves as a kick-start and a platform to provide opportunities for students from various courses to interact with one another. This event has definitely been beneficial in helping the students to bond within their teams and that this bond that they now possess is essential in assisting them in future projects.

Numerous fun-filled and innovative games such as Apple together - a game that follows the baton relay concept but replacing the baton with an apple and to pass it with the use of mouth, assisted many teams to bond with one another in an entertaining and enjoyable manner.

How can we ever forget the highlight of the event – water games! Participants felt rejuvenated when packs of water bombs were being thrown at their toasted bodies under the hot Sun. The air was filled with shouts of joy and laughter when participants tried to grab cans and bottles during the water cans game and getting thrown at with water bombs in the water dodge ball game.

A survey was conducted after the event day and responses were extremely positive. 100% said that they have enjoyed themselves in the event and would love to take part in a similar event again.

The triumph of the mini road show event is evident in supporting the statement that the EMRS Team Building Event was indeed a success in fulfilling its aim - to bond the team as one!

Written by Yvonne To Yi Man, EMRS Team 4

Year 2 Diploma in Accountancy & Finance

Fourthly, Apple Together

Everyone are ready!!!
Four Different Teams
Look at how they pick up the apple ....

and how they pass to their teammates...

Moving on to the WATER GAMES

1. Water Dodge ball

2. Water cans

Getting their water bombs ready to attack....

3. Special Segment & Quick de-brief

Their revenge on the OIC begins