Friday, July 15, 2011

Elledi Wafers Biscuits Sampling Event!

So.... Team 1 was busy preparing for the Elledi Wafer Biscuits Sampling event, doing all those signages, sign board, game boards and game vouchers. All we wished and prayed that we could make this event a blast :D

On the actual event day, we were all busy giving out the free sampling vouchers to our fellow students and staffs at different points such as the escalators at the atrium, both sides of south canteen entrances. After that, we all went to set up! Boys were given the task to move the fixtures while girls do the setting up of wafers~

Once the clock struck 10am, many people starts to visit our redemption counter!

During the peak period (12pm-2pm), we had many customers buying the party packs from us!

Which also says that, our sure-win game corner, the Tikam Tikam also was busy giving out 6 different prizes to those lucky people :D

And definitely not forgetting our 3-in-1 sales booth at the South Canteen managed by our lovely peeps!

Although we did not reach the target of selling 1000 party packs, it was a fun and enjoyable event we all had! We learnt many things, such as employing where our manpower should be, the deadline we had to meet for the signages and many more, the most important thing we learnt is TEAMWORK! A event can only be successful if everyone is united, stand strong even though problems surfaced~