Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Internal Event - NYP Open-house, Success Worth Emulating: Industry Experts

This reporter set out today with the thought that it would be yet another round of mundane open-houses that he had to cover. However it couldn’t be further from the truth; from moment he stepped into the NYP atrium the electrifying atmosphere hit him like a tight slap to the face. It instantly made him feel awake and alive, as he had not felt since he left school and entered the real world!

Sensing the source of youthful energy and excitement emanating from the left side of the atrium he headed up the escalator. Lo and behold there a hand-made banner with the words “I Love SBM Bazaar” emblazoned upon it welcomed the throngs of visitors to join in the festivities!

Moving closer, the enticing and distinctive smell of Ramly burgers became stronger. Looking around, he noticed many sumptuous foods to fill one’s palate. These include Pie Kia, Yumi Yogurt, Hotdog Prata and kings ice-cream! “I just love the selection of food here! The Yumi yogurt is so Yummy, kings ice-cream so kingly and the pie kia so bad*ss!” was what Jeremiah -who is planning to transfer from SP to NYP due to the higher standard of event management- said.

A crowd further down parted to reveal henna and manicure stand. “The person who helped me draw the henna offered great customer service and the best part is that she is very attractive! I’m so gonna come NYP next year!” said Adrian Amigo a secondary 4 student from Bukit Cha Chat Secondary School.

Looking around, that was when this reporter noticed there were many stores hawking intricate looking trinkets. Some examples are Jade Handicrafts and Jeff Kester. Asking around, I found out that the students had actually sourced these suppliers all by themselves! Impressive is the only word to describe this herculean feat!

Walking on, the sound of laughter filled the air like the tingling of bells. The crowd parted to reveal brightly coloured game booths! The booths had catchy names like “ON-A-RoLL” and “GALACTIC NIGHT @ NYP”!

These games were extremely popular with the crowd as evidenced by their snaking queues. I have got to agree with the industry experts NYP open-house is definitely worth emulating!

“We come nearest to the great when we are great in humility.”

-Rabindranath Tagore