Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Internal Event - Mini Roadshow

The highlight of Week 2 was the mini-roadshow that we organized during the 24th of February, which was last Thursday. Each of the teams were assigned to different suppliers to help promote and sell their products during the full-day event. For example,

Team 1 was tasked to sell I.T. products from our school’s mini-challenger outlet

Team 2 & Team 3 were in charge of selling refreshments from campus cheers outlet.

Team 2 Bar Concept

Team 4 & Team 5 had the opportunity to sell a wide variety of appealing products from MSC Studio.

Team 3 Stress-Buster theme!

Team 4 Feminine Fab theme which dealt mainly with female products

The awesome members of Team 5 posing for a photo which their booth themed “Back To Life”

We are pleased to inform you dear readers that we were a hit among the students in school and we received a warm reception from our customers!

For those of you who supported us during the mini-roadshow, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we do appreciate your support throughout the event (:

Here are some pictures of the awesome roadshow!

Team 1 alien signages!

Booth 4 poster

Heart shaped bookmarks done by Team 2

Manning the ‘Bar’

Hanging of banner

Promoting products to potential customers


Mobile salesman, Ms. Fashionista & Mr. Muscles were all present at the roadshow!