Thursday, March 2, 2017

EMRS Farewell


Date: 23rd February 2017
Time: 2:30PM to 5:30PM
Venue: EMRS Room
Theme: Happily EMRS Ever

EMRS has been operating for many years but sadly it is closing down. Our final event was to hold a farewell party for EMRS.

The main objective of the event was to allow past EMRS students and supervisors to come back for a reunion and show their appreciation to EMRS. Our secondary objective was to let everyone reminisce their memories in EMRS. Both team 2 and team 3 were involved in planning and carrying out the farewell party.

Roles & Responsibilities
The roles assigned are as follows:

Overall-In-Charge: Grizel & Jonathan
Finance: Xi Min & Ni Zhen
Logistics: Jermaine & Nadirah
Advertising & Promotion: Wendy & Xue Er

We started planning the event on week 5. We decided on the theme, decorated the venue, and organised activities which would be held on that day. To end the event on a high note, we had decided to decorate the room with balloons as well as use lively colors to lift up the atmosphere. Furthermore, we displayed slideshows of past events organised by EMRS on the computers in the EMRS room. We also designed a signage that we placed outside of the EMRS hallway to direct guests to the various areas of our event.

Our target audience were past EMRS members. To invite past EMRS members to join us in this farewell we have designed a poster with the link for them to RSVP. The poster are shared by the supervisors to create awareness of the past EMRS members. With the response gather from the guest, we are able to estimate the number of guest we would be expecting. We were then, able to cater the food and gift in accordance to the estimated audience who will be turning up.

On the day of the event, we tidied up the room, cleared the tables and chairs and started setting up the booths. Everyone had a part to play in the event and were all assigned a role.

All guests were to register upon arrival and received a prize redemption slip and a number tag to know which envelope they should put their slip of paper, with their best memory of EMRS written down. We had a Memory game, Sinker game, Puzzle game, as well as a Kahoot quiz. There was a photo booth where they could pose with some props. Upon completing the games and taking a photo at the photo booth, they can redeem a limited edition EMRS key chain as well as some snacks. Ms Angela Cheng, Manager of Retail Studies gave a short, heartfelt speech about EMRS and her personal experience with EMRS, back when she was an EMRS supervisor. The slips of paper that were in the envelope were then read out and shared with everyone. During the event we interviewed past EMRS members, to share some of their thoughts about EMRS. We compiled the interviews and photos of past events into a video montage that was screened to everyone.

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The day after the event, we had to remove all the decorations, shift all the tables back in place, and tear down the booths.  
In conclusion, this event was a success! Everyone had a great time chatting with each other and reminiscing their good times in EMRS.