Friday, September 2, 2016

EMRS Team 2 Mini Roadshow: Exam 101

Date: 11 & 12 August 2016
Time: 10:30am to 4:00pm

Venue: Outside NYP Koufu

Team 2 together with Mr Sudesh

Team 2 was tasked to organise a mini roadshow on our first week of EMRS. .

Our objective is to plan and execute a successful event while motivating students and getting them to exchange words of encouragement with their peers. Our target was to achieve a consignment price of $700 as well as a sales of $1000 from the mini roadshow.

As a team, we thought of different ideas for our mini roadshow. After discussion, we settled on the event name ‘EXAM 101’. As the name suggests, the theme and idea of this roadshow was inspired to motivate students and to go an extra mile since it was nearing the exam period. For our mini roadshow, we sold a range of savoury chocolates, sweets, snacks and drinks, not widely sold in Singapore.

While planning for the roadshow, we had a few issues in sourcing as well as securing a suitable vendor. After all the research, we then decided to consign goods with TUCK; an online shop that sells confectioneries, snacks and drinks, freshly directly imported from UK. Besides them being able to provide us with the products we wanted, they also agreed to our terms and conditions. Once everything was settled, the team of 14 was divided to delegate the different tasks. Our OICs are Jia Min and Jocelyn, A&P- Ming Li and Sock Huay, Logistics- Arif and Xavier, Inventory- Alichel and Brandon, and Finance- Samantha and Nasyibah. Besides concentrating on their primary role, the team also help each other out.

The products that we have consigned from TUCK were snacks such as Walkers Crisps, Propercorn, Borders Biscuits and Quinoa Chips, drinks such as Firefly, Ginger Beer and Ben Shaw. Lastly, candies & chocolates such as Millions, Jelly Tots, Maltesers Teasers and Reese.

For our mini roadshow, everyone in the school are our potential target audience.

In the area of A&P, we designed posters and placed them near the escalator at the atrium so as to for promote our event. We also made a motivating tree where motivational post-it notes are pasted on the tree. Bookshelves were made from cardboards which were used to display our products during the mini roadshow.

A&P Preparations

Posters and Motivating Tree

It’s finally the day of our mini roadshow!
Our team reported at 9:00am when the OICs begin the day with a short briefing. Next, the inventory team went to prepare the stocks for the first day of our mini roadshow while the rest went to help out in the set-up of the booth. However, as the planning for the manpower allocation was not detailed, we only managed to complete our whole set-up by 11am. We had a total of 4 mobile selling teams to cover all areas of the school. At around 4:20pm, we cleared our booth area and all logistics items are returned. After the event, we tally our stocks sold with the amount shown on the POS machine. And… we got no discrepancy for Day 1!

At the end of Day 1, 2 flavours of Eat Real Quinoa Chips and Borders Biscuit was all sold out.

Our inventory team preparing the stocks for 1st day of our roadshow

Our Finance ICs- Samantha and Nasyibah, setting up the POS system

Setting up of booth


Our booth set-up


Our mobile teams setting off

Mobile selling teams in action

Calculating the amount collected from mobile selling

We came up with a more detailed manpower allocation plan on Day 2 so as to set-up on time and fully utilise all our manpower. We also did a minor change to our booth layout. Instead of hanging “EXAM 101” on the wire mesh, we hung it on the metal rack. There were also some changes made to the product arrangements on the table so as to fill up the empty spots because some products ran out of stock!  As for mobile selling, it had been reduced from 4 to 2 teams so as to focus more on our booth. With our team-mates constantly pushing the products, 40% of our products are all sold out!

Stocks all sorted out for Day 2 of our roadshow

Our booth layout for Day 2

Alichel and Damien promoting our products to the customers at the booth

Satisfied customer!

Despite a minor stock discrepancy at the end of Day 2, the event was a success. At the end of the mini roadshow, we achieved a total sales of $1193.10, exceeding our sales target of $1000. At the same time, we also exceeded our consignment target. Through this event, we gained event planning experience and learnt the importance of time management and teamwork. We also have a better understanding in what to look out for while planning for an event. Most importantly, we became more bonded as a team and will definitely miss our time spent in EMRS together!