Thursday, March 31, 2016

Team 2: NYP-in-Action for the community

NYP-in-Action for the community: Party for senior citizens – Team 2
Date: 12 March 2016, Saturday
About the event
NYP-in-Action for the community: Party for senior citizens is a half-day event that allows elderlies from Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society to be exposed to a new environment that they have never been in and to foster bonds between the elderly themselves as well as with the student helpers. The event had different activities panned around the School of Health Science and North Canteen such as: 
  1.  Morning tea
  2. Morning exercise
  3.  Treasure Hunt
  4. 5 games booths (Different schools are in-charged of it including EMRS team
  5. Karaoke Session
  6. Lunch

The previous team 2 was tasked to set up a game booth for the Old Folks SG50 Lunch Event in November 2015. However, it was postponed due to the haze. Thus, this year our team, which is the current team 2 was in charge of the game booth, while the rest of EMRS teams were the table servers to take care of the elderlies.

We made some references to the game that was done by the previous team 2 and make some changes to it. Throughout the preparation for the game, we managed to overcome a few problems by ourselves and of course with the help from our supervisor.

1) We changed the theme from “Monopoly” to “Balik Kampung” which means ‘return to village’ to fit the event’s objectives as we want to attract as many elderlies as possible to be involved in the activities.

2) The game that was done by the previous team 2 was on the cardboard. The length of the game board was the full length of EMRS table. However, we decided to shorten the game board to ¾ of the original game one as we felt that it might be a little tedious for the elderly to hit the ball around. In addition, instead of asking the elderly to hit into the can to win prizes, we make holes on the cardboard for the elderly to hit into it to win, where different holes carry different points.

3) After listening to the advices given by our supervisor to make the game more interactive and challenging, we came up with the idea to add in small obstacles on the game board itself such as small humps, bridge and seesaw.

Preparation of our game booth

Advertising and promotion

We have designed the following for our A&P:
1. Banner: Initially, the plan was to stick the banner onto the wall. However, our supervisor told us that it is not allowed as they were afraid that the tear down of the banner would be messy. So our supervisor suggested us to stick it behind of the game board so we do not need to tear down from the wall and make a mess and also it would not take up too much space.

2. Poster: At first, it was too dull and our supervisor commented that it might not be able to attract the elderlies’ attention, so we changed the colour to brighter tone such as golden brown and also to add in the picture of a Kampung so that it was able to link to the theme of our game.

3. Game rules: Everyone worked together and came up with different languages for the game rules to let most of the elderlies know how to play the game, as not all of them understand English.

Preparation of our A&P


The logistic IC made a logistic plan and took the required equipment from the EMRS logistics room and make sure that the equipment that will be used for the game booth is in working conditions. We then realised that some poster stands were not in working conditions. However, we managed to resolve it by exchanging the poster stands with team 3.

Event Day

Before we set up our game booth we faced several problems such as:
1. The prize system
We could not decide on the prize system as there were too many choices. We nearly had an argument with each other. Luckily, one of us took the initiative and decided on the prize system.

2. The placement of the prize table & poster
We are indecisive on where to place the table and poster. Our supervisor then gave us suggestions on where to place them and we followed. 

Eventually, we managed to set up our booth on time. While the rest of the EMRS team were at the north canteen taking care of the elderlies.

Soon, our game booth was crowded with people! We had to modify our game rules as we do not want the elderlies to wait too long for their turn. We also received lots of positive feedbacks from them which gave us a sense of achievement. 

An excited winner getting her prize!

After the games ended, we headed back to the North Canteen to join the elderlies for the karaoke session and lunch. We really enjoyed ourselves during the session where we get to sing and dance with the elderlies. We were also very happy that we managed to hype up the karaoke session.  After that, we helped to distribute the lunch to the elderlies. They then went back after they had their lunch.

We are glad that the event ended smoothly and we fostered stronger bonds within our team. We are also very grateful to have our supervisor’s guidance and make this event a successful one.