Sunday, February 28, 2016



Our event was held from 17th to 19th February, 1030am to 330pm, outside Old Shopping Arcade.

The two vendors that we worked with for this Mini Roadshow were Momolato and Matchaya. The objectives for our Mini Roadshow was to finish selling all 500 popsicles that we brought in from Momolato and at least 50% of the stock for Matchaya.

Our revenue sharing was 60-40 for Momolato and 70-30 for Matchaya.


Momolato sells artisan gelato and popsicles. They aim to bring across the taste of authentic, fresh, homemade Italian gelato made only with fresh milk, premium and quality local and imported ingredients as well as pure sorbet on sticks. Momolato specializes in doing pop-up stores.
Matchaya imports high quality Japanese tea powder from Japan. Every flavor is carefully and painstakingly formulated with different suppliers within Japan. They specializes in events and delivery of the teas. The raw ingredients are organic-certified, no preservatives are used, and the sugar level in the teas is minimal.


A huge amount of effort were put in in making the A&P materials and the whole team were involved! The A&P team focused on crafting the human sized 3D Popsicle and the posters. They assigned the other marketing materials such as banner, table banner and table displays to the rest of the team so we could all work together as a team!

Rachel drawing a kiwi slice for the human sized popsicle!

A&P team painting the watermelon juice on!


The hard working Liza behind our beautiful posters!

Hybrid poster


Individual posters that were placed at the booth!

Of course we had to put up our lovely posters around the school!

The non-A&P team working on the banner!

Our logistics team meticulously planned out the allocation for manpower and logistics list prior to the event. They had to make frequent trips to the logistics room to look for fixtures that the A&P team needs. 

We did a mock set-up a week before the event so we could gauge the space that we will be sharing with Team 3 and also to have an idea how our booth will look like with most of the decorations up.

Boon Wee acting as Momolato's menu board! Hahaha!

Event Day

After weeks of preparation, the D-Day has finally came! We were all so excited and nervous at the same time on the day of event. On the first day of the event, we did not expect that there will be a delay in the Popsicles delivery which resulted a slight delay in setting up the booth. Nonetheless, our team worked hard together and we managed to start the event on time for both second and last day. 


Everyone taking down what they were assigned according to the logistics manpower list.


Receiving stocks from Momolato! The delivery man could not find his way to Atrium entrance and we took almost 10 minutes to navigate him. When he arrived, we had to count the stocks immediately. 

Meanwhile, the rest was efficiently setting up the booth!


Phew! It's finally done up!! 

Time to start the event!!

Based on the first day response, we realized that the sales only start picking up after 12pm because most customers said that before lunch was too early to have popsicles. Therefore, we came up with a brilliant idea to do pre-order of popsicles for the morning part! 

However, a lot of them did not collect their popsicles after reserving it. So, from the second day onward, we made it a must to pay first before we can reserve the popsicles for the customers!


As for the mobile selling team, sales were recorded on a notepad. This means that, our team members who were in charge of the booth, will have to record and key in the sales for the mobile selling teams in the POS machine. It was a tedious process but yet so necessary! 

However, we do faced some problems at the cashier. During the peak hours, the cashier was busy with the sales at the booth and do not have time to key in the sales for the mobile selling team. Also, there were a few other mobile selling teams who came back too at the same time! 

Our poor cashier team had to be able to stay calm while handling the sales payments efficiently. 

Even the canteen store owners supported our event!

We also found out that mobile selling was the most effective way to push sales. Everyone took turns to be a part of the mobile selling teams and we were very happy to see our efforts paid off when we hit each day's sales target. 

Our advertising efforts did not stop at the pre-planning process of the event. We continued to promote our vendors' brand during the event by encouraging our customers to post a photo of themselves with the product on their social media account. 

To make it more interactive, we made used an online portal,, to stream Instagram photos in real-time like a slideshow presentation at our booth. Anyone who posts a photo with a caption of either "#momolato" or "#nypfruitealicious" on their Instagram account, will get to see their photos featured on our LCD screen!

A photo of our happy customers! Yummy!

Tear Down

Everyone in the team contributed in the tearing down process and everything went smoothly because of our great team work! We ended each day with a short debrief of what went right and what did not go so well. 


The event was concluded as a success because we were able to push beyond our limits and hit the projected target. This would not be possible if everyone had not put in their 100% effort. 

Our objectives of the event was to drive sales and we indeed, managed to hit all sales target for all three days! We could not believe that we were able to do better what we have expected!

Not only was our supervisor impressed with our team effort, our vendors that worked with us were pleased with our results too. As quoted from Matchaya in one of their email reply to our supervisor; “We understand the difficulties faced and am impressed how they (EMRS Team 2) overcame the odds for our tea powder!” 

We would also want to take this opportunity to thank the vendors, teachers, students and everyone else who have supported our event. This event would be not be a success without you guys!  

Signing off,

Team 2.