Monday, July 29, 2013

StarHub Challenge 2013.

Ready to showcase your ideas and walk away with attractive rewards?

Follow me as I take you through our team's journey for our first event - StarHub Business Challenge 2013!!! It was filled with fun, joy, laughter, and loads of fantastic ideas!

To start off, we picked our respective ICs for this event. Henrietta was the Overall IC, Jing Yang took care of logistic, Emilia handled the A&P, and lastly, Jia Hui took care of Finance. The planning stage started on 24th June 2013.


Week 1-2.
The team started with a site recce to get an overviw of the venue. This helped us with the planning of the seating arrangement and flow of people.

Site Recce:

After the recce, we mapped out a timeline as a guide to remind us of important event milestone and deadlines.

We needed an emcee thus, a "casting call" was arranged. Students from various TEP centers signed up to audition for the role of emcee.

Audition for Emcees:

Supervisors getting ready for the emcee audition
After rounds of audition, Emilia from EMRS Team 2 and Darshen from Cheers were selected for the event.
Week 3 - 4
After meeting the StarHub representatives, we had a draft programmes. So we began rehearsals with the help of members from Team 3.

Mr Sudesh working closely with the emcees to fine tune their scripts.
We went through several rehearsals working through quite a few changes before reaching an idealised programmes on the day. Phew! *Achievement unlocked* =D
Actual Day, 19 July 2013.
We had a final rehearsal in the morning just to ensure that everything went well. We set up the event venue.
Set-up of the event venue:

As the starting time is drawing closer, our people getting ready in their respective roles:

All members ready to carry out their roles.

Nizam & Nevin ensuring all the presentation slides are uploaded in the computer.
Judges for the StarHub Challenge:

Mr. Chan Lee Mun & the Distinguished Judges

Presentation Time!
Time is 1.30pm and we are all ready to start the event! Emcees begin by welcoming all Distinguised Judges, Guests and student supporters followed by playing a short StarHub video and an opening speech by Mr. Tan Tong Hai (CEO/Executive Director of StarHub).
Mr. Tan Tong Hai giving his speech.
The emcees explained the format of the competition and the judging criteria to the audience, we were all ready to KICKOFF this competition!
Snippets of the teams presenting their ideas

The Judges listening to the teams' ideas attentively.
We had a total of 5 finalists, which were Team Redux, Team Synergy. Team Think Unique, Team FABT and Team EDC. Each team had 20 mins to present their take followed by a 3 mins Q&A session with the judges.

Ms. Jeanie Ong questioning one of the teams.
And of course, to keep the audience entertained between the transitions from group to group, we had a mini pop quiz. Questions related to StarHub were asked and prizes were given out!
Happy audience receiving the prizes sponsored by StarHub!
After all pop quiz questions have been answered; it was time for the last team to present.

Team EDC!
With Team EDC ending off the Q&A session with the judges, it marked the end of the presentation by all 5 teams.

Judges heading to seminar room 2 to have their deliberations on the winner!
While the judges were cracking their brains to decide whose ideas was the best......

Refreshments for the audience! YAY!
After about 10-15 mins of discussion, the results were tabulated. Then the judges emerged from seminar room 2 to have some refreshments and network.

Mr. Tan Tong Hai (CEO & Executive Director of StarHub) mingling with his staff.
Before the announcement of final results, Mr. Chan Lee Mun (Principal/ CEO NYP) took some times off from his busy schedule to join the event. It was a pleasure to have that afternoon.

The final results:
After weeks of brainstorming and preparation by the 5 finalists it was time to announce the winner of this challenge! Each team has provided precious information or has given their honest opinions on ways possible for StarHub to garner more youth customers. Cheers to that~ But unfortunately, it wouldn't be called a competition without one team being crowned the winner. So let us reveal the winner of StarHub Business Challenge 2013...

3rd prize winner -  Team Synergy!
2nd prize winner - Team EDC!

The winner of the challenge, TEAM REDUX!
Congratulations to Team Redux! The team managed to showcase their ideas with confidence and wowed the judges with their innovative presentations complete with interactive slides. The originality of their concept, and interesting demos eventually won the day and $3000!!!!!!!

And finally, ending the event with a photo of the Judges & the top 5 teams. =D
And not forgetting Team FABT and Team Think Unique who were awarded the Commendation Award!
In conclusion, the event went well despite the small little hiccups. The organizing team had fun and is proud to have had the opportunity to plan and execute the event. It was an extraordinary experience and through this, we had an insight of event planning and we much appreciated the attention required to small details to make for a successful event.