Monday, May 16, 2011

Expo Robinsons Trip

Expo Robinsons Trip

On 21st May, EMRS went to Singapore expo to look at the Robinson’s warehouse sales. Our main objective was to learn and pick up skills from the Robinson’s Sales that will be beneficial for our BHG Mega Event. As we entered the convention hall where the event took place, we could instantly tell that the products were neatly organised. All the products were categorised using big banners that were hanging at the ceiling which we could consider using for the BHG event. The price tag that they did was simple and “straight-to-the-point” with no fanciful designs. Convenience products were placed near the cashier to induce “impulse purchases”. Robinsons also placed their entertainment zone at the back of the hall so that customers who are interested in buying games need to walk through different sections before reaching the entertainment zone, thus customers are forced to look at the other sections.

It was an enjoyable journey as we learnt a lot about how they planned their event, be it visual merchandising, the floor plan, customer service etc. I believe what we learnt from the Robinsons sales could be used in the future planning of events.

How Robinsons categorise their different category of products, big banners hang on the ceiling.

Robinsons using mannequins to show their clothes.

The big banner that Robinsons use, and the participating brands. So that people will know what brands are being sold.

A clearer view of some of the brand being sold.

One of our friend trying out the shoes sold at the sale.

How Robinsons display their clothes, instead of using mannequins they use hanger.

Our friend testing out the free samples.

Our friends trying out the xbox kinect.

Our friend trying out a cap.