Friday, May 27, 2011

Community Event @ Beyond Social Services!(:

A Meaningful Day for EMRS Students @ Beyond Social Services! (:
Day One:
Team 1, 2, & 3.
Went to Beyond Social Services from 3pm to 5pm on Monday, 23rd May 2011.
Played games such as Word Search, Maze and also Mask designing. The kids are all very creative & smart.

Getting Ready To Meet The Kids.

Mariam & Jourdan With The Kids.

Mask Designing.

Goodbye to the Kids for Day One.

Day Two:
Team 1, 4, 5.
We went to Beyond Social Services feeling even more excited to meet the kids there on Thursday 26th May 2011.
We did games such as Henna Design, Hangman, Role play, Duck & Goose Game, & taught the kids to do their homework. (:

The Kids were happy to see us. (:

Presenting to you the Henna Artist! (:

Fazlyn's Artwork giving the kid a smile on his face. (:

Close Up.


Dina's Artwork giving a smile on the kid's face. (:

Games Time!

Duck & Goose Game.

Best of Friends.

Artwork Captured by the Girl in Blue in the previous Picture, after Fazlyn has taught her serveral skills. (:

Goodbye to the Kids for Day Two.

We had a fun & exciting time there & were very glad that the kids are happy to see us. Being able to make them smile made us even happier. And we are glad that we are able to contribute to the community. (:
Till we meet again! (:

With Love,
Nur Fazlyn Johari.